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2011 Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium

The 20th annual Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium, Dartmouth's annual celebration of undergraduate research, took place on Thursday and Friday, May 19-20 where 148 undergraduate students presented 128 research posters to the Dartmouth community. Faculty, students and family members filled all floors, and even some hallways, of Fairchild Tower to view posters created by first and second year WISP research interns, Howard Hughes interns, Presidential scholars and Senior Honors students competing in the Sigma Xi Christopher Reed competition. Research on display represented all college science division departments plus Anthropology, Education, Environmental Studies, Psychology and Brain Sciences, the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab,, the Dartmouth Center for Aging Research, the Norris Cotton Cancer Center and many departments from the Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. To learn more and see photos, read the Dartmouth Now article published on May 17, 2011 by Tiffany Pollock.



Keynote Address

Amy Palmer

This year, we were also celebrating WISP’s 20th anniversary and with additional support from the Dean of Faculty and Provost, welcomed University of Colorado Biochemistry Professor Amy Palmer ’94, one of Karen Wetterhahn’s former advisees, back to campus as our keynote speaker. Her keynote address, "Seeing is Believing: Spying on Cells" highlighted her own research career path in developing fluorescent sensors and probes to track molecules, ions, and chemical reactions in living cells. She described her early (uncertain) days at Dartmouth, discovering the joy of research working with Karen Wetterhahn and, later on, with her post-doctoral advisor Nobel laureate Roger Tsien. She concluded with a poignant tribute to all her mentors including Professor of Chemistry Dean Wilcox. To learn more about her talk, please see the DUJS write up by Kristin Flint ’14, "Wetterhahn Keynote Speaker Discusses Imaging Cells with Fluorescent Proteins."

Christopher G. Reed Science Competition

The Dartmouth Chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Honor Society, once again organized the annual Christopher G. Reed Senior Honors Thesis Competition. Congratulations to the following 2011 winners:

  • 1st prize: David Qian, Chemistry
    "Nucleophilic conjugate addition and cycloaddition reactions of indole"  Advisor:  Gordon Gribble
  • 2nd prize: Erin Larson, Biology
    "Nutrient limitation of Didymosphenia geminata in Rocky Mountain streams" Advisor: Brad Taylor
  • 3rd prizes: Ashley Morishige, Engineering
    "Assessing the potential to intensify global pastureland use"  Advisors: Lee Lynd, Mark Laser

Our thanks to the dedicated Sigma Xi faculty judges: Chuck Daghlian, Ripple Microscope Facility; Dr. David Ringelberg, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL), Tim Smith, Physics and Astronomy; Susan Taylor, Earth Sciences and CRREL; and Dean Wilcox, Chemistry.

Faculty Recognition

The Women in Science Project is deeply grateful to all the faculty sponsors, assistant sponsors and other research advisors who guide, coach and mentor young emerging scientists participating the WISP Research Internship Program. This year, WISP was pleased to honor the following individuals for their commitment and dedication as long time WISP sponsors:

For 5 years:

  • Robert H. Gross, Associate Professor of Biology
  • David Kotz, Associate Dean of the Faculty for the Sciences and Champion International Professor, Computer Science
  • Alexander Rimberg, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
  • Sean Smith, Associate Professor of Computer Science

For 10 years:

  • Charles Daghlian, Director of Ripple Microscope Lab

For 15 years:

  • Mary Albert, Professor of Engineering

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