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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
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Registering for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creativity


If you have questions or concerns, blitz "undergraduate research."


The Record of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity (RRSC) is a document generated by the Dean of Faculty's Office of Undergraduate Advising & Research (UGAR). While an academic transcript documents engagement in coursework, the RRSC provides a record of engagement in faculty-mentored academic activities outside of the classroom. The RRSC can be used as a supplement to graduate and professional school applications, as well as for job and internship applications.  Faculty can also request lists of all students who have registered to do research with them.  All projects that fit the criteria below can be included in the RRSC (not just projects completed in UGAR programs).

Criteria for inclusion in the RRSC

  • Definition of RSC: "An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline." (Council on Undergraduate Research). See below for examples from different academic disciplines.
  • Level of independence: projects must involve intellectual inquiry or creative engagement. Projects that involve only rote tasks (e.g. photocopying, proofreading, maintaining or cleaning lab equipment) are not eligible for inclusion.
  • Academic credit: senior honors thesis research is eligible for inclusion, but in general, research as part of a class or for independent study credit is not.
  • Affiliation: the research, scholarship or creative project must be mentored by a Dartmouth faculty member.
  • Duration of project: minimum of 4 weeks
  • Time commitment: minimum of 7 hours per week OR compliance with the guidelines of a specific program (e.g. WISP, Presidential Scholars).

Examples of research, scholarship, and creativity for the RRSC

  • Experiments: must be original, independent, and not associated with a class.
    • Eligible for inclusion: projects that involve design, analysis, and interpretation.
    • Not eligible: "recipe" experiments and data collection without intellectual involvement in the experimental design, analysis or interpretation.
  • Scholarly product: a piece of work or a body of scholarly work.
    • Eligible for inclusion: projects that involve conceptualization and production of a scholarly project within an academic field.
    • Not eligible: reading or reporting on a topic without making an intellectual or creative contribution.
  • Creative expression: an original work of creative expression.
    • Eligible for inclusion: conceived and produced outside of the classroom
    • Not eligible: group exercises and classroom projects.
  • Program participation: student participation in formal UGAR undergraduate research programs (WISP internship program, Presidential Scholars, etc.).

Additional information

  • Multi-term research:  students conducting RSC projects for more than one term must complete the registration and confirmation forms each term.  Students cannot register in advance for RSC projects to be conducted in later terms.
  • Late registrations:  these CANNOT be accepted.  In addition, students cannot register a project that was conducted in a previous term.
  • Research conducted in previous terms:  we cannot accept registrations for projects conducted in previous terms.  If you would like that information included in your RRSC, include information about that project in your request for a copy of your RRSC, and if we can confirm completion of the project, it will be included.
  • Requesting a copy of the RRSC: send an email to the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Research with "request for RRSC" as the subject header. A pdf of the RRSC will be sent via email within two weeks of the request.
  • Resolution of conflicts: in the case of conflicts between student and faculty reports of research completion, UGAR will gather information and refer the matter to the Council on Undergraduate Research for resolution.
  • NOTE:  This is a pilot initiative and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine whether the initiative will be continued.  The initiative may be discontinued at any time.


** NOTE:  all students must register at the start of each term of research, including students conducting research as part of a UGAR or WISP program.

  • Registration:  Start of term in which the student will be conducting the project (same as registrar deadline for finalizing course schedule for the term -- link to the registration form will be deactivated after that date each term)
    • Student registration form: complete the online form which generates an email to the faculty mentor informing him/her of the registration.
  • Confirmation:  End of term (last day of final exams)
    • Student confirmation form: confirm completion of the proposed project by completing the online form which generates an email to the faculty mentor requesting verification.
    • Faculty confirmation form: upon receipt of the email, the faculty mentor completes the online form confirming that the student completed the project

Last Updated: 9/11/15