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Russian Language and Literature

Basic Structure of the Department

  • The Russian department offers a Major and Minor in Russian Language and Literature and a Major and Minor in Russian Area Studies.
  • The Russian language sequence, RUSS 1-2-3 (a prerequisite for both majors, and for the LSA+ in Saint Petersburg) is offered as a fall-winter-spring sequence, so a student who wants to begin Russian must do so in the fall.
  • The intermediate language sequence, RUSS 27-28-29, is also offered as a fall-winter-spring sequence.
  • The Russian department runs an LSA+ each summer in Saint Petersburg, before which a student must complete or place out of RUSS 3.  Prerequisites also include a recommendation that a student take one or more of the following: RUSS 10, 13, 14, 31 or a course in the History department on Russian History.  Applications are due on January 10.  (For sophomores: the summer LSA+ will satisfy the summer residence requirement.)

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore Russian Language and Literature

  • RUSS 10: Introduction to Russian Civilization
  • RUSS 31: Transgressive Novels: Masterpieces of Russian Fiction
  • RUSS 36: "The Seer of the Flesh:" Tolstoy's Art and Thought
  • RUSS 38: Special Topics in Literature
  • The Russian Language is no harder to learn than German or any of the Romance languages, and the department encourages students to begin Russian 1 as soon as possible.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in Russian

  • Some language study is necessary to both majors and both minors, so a student is advised to begin with the appropriate level language courses as soon as possible.  The introductory and intermediate language sequences begin only in the fall.
  • RUSS 28 is prerequisite for the Russian Language Major.  RUSS 3 is prerequisite for the Major in Russian Area Studies, and the Russian Language Minor.  The Russian Area Studies Minor has either RUSS 10, 13, 19 or 21 as a prerequisite.
  • There are many literary and cultural studies courses that are taught in English and assume no prior knowledge of the Russian language.

Other Information and Considerations

  • It is strongly recommended that students thinking about Russian as a major should make an appointment with the chair, John Kopper, or any professor in the department, to discuss courses of study on an individual basis.  This is particularly important because of the constraints that the sequencing may impose on a student's schedule.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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