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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.3690
Fax:  603.646.8190


Basic Structure of the Department

  • The Major in English requires the successful completion of eleven major courses:
    • The courses must satisfy the following distribution requirements according to the Course Groups, listed below: at least 2 courses from Group I; at least 2 courses from Group II; at least 1 course from Group III; at least 1 course from Group IV.
    • Two courses must be selected from the Literary Histories (ENGL 1, 2, 3).  Each of these courses may be used to satisfy one of the Course Group requirements.
    • One course must be a junior colloquium (ENGL 61-65). This course may also satisfy one of the Course Group requirements.
    • One course must be a senior seminar (71-75). This course can also be used to satisfy any of the Course Group requirements.
    • One course must be designated as satisfying the Culminating Experience requirement.  This may be a senior seminar or, in the case of students seeking a degree with Honors, the first term of ENGL 98. The Culminating Experience course must be taken and completed after the sophomore-junior summer term.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore or Pursue English

  • ENGL 1: Literary History I: Literature up to the mid‑Seventeenth Century (13F)
  • ENGL 2: Literary History II: Literature from the Mid‑Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Century (14W)
  • ENGL 3: Literary History III: Literature in the Twentieth and Twenty‑First Centuries (14S)
  • These three courses in literary history will study British, American, and Anglophone literature during the periods of the English department's course groups. Each course will consider various literary genres of these periods, the cultural contexts in which they appeared, and the theoretical frameworks in which they became significant.
  • The department has no prerequisites for most literature courses.

Other Information: Concentration on Creative Writing

  • Students electing a concentration in creative writing must pass the prerequisite course, ENGL 80, ENGL 81, or ENGL 82 prior to enrolling in any other creative writing course.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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