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AAAS (African and African American Studies)

Basic Structure of the Program

  • AAAS is an interdisciplinary program that draws on English, history, religion, anthropology, theater, art history, film, government, sociology, comparative literature, music, speech, LALACS, geography, environmental sciences, and women’s and gender studies.
  • AAAS offers a major and a minor in three areas: African Diaspora Studies, African Studies, and African American Studies.
  • The major requires studies in all three subcategories, and also requires study in both the humanities and the social sciences.
  • Courses are not sequenced and the numbering of AAAS courses represent sub-fields: 10s are survey courses, 20s and 30s are courses on Black America, 40s and 50s are courses on Africa, 60s are courses on the Diaspora.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Would Like to Explore or Pursue Studies in AAAS

  • The introductory courses for the discipline are:
    • AAAS 10: Introduction to African American Studies
    • AAAS 11: Introduction to African Studies
    • AAAS 12: Race and Slavery in US History
    • AAAS 13: Black America since the Civil War
    • AAAS 14: Pre-Colonial African History
    • AAAS 15: History of Africa since 1800
    • AAAS 16: History, Culture and Society: The Many Faces of Latin America
    • AAAS 19: Africa and the World
    • AAAS 42: Women, Religion and Social Change in Africa
  • Be flexible in what you want to take because AAAS is a small program and course offerings may be irregular.
    Students majoring in AAAS who want to go on an off-campus program often choose the Environmental Studies program in Africa (offered annually in the fall term), or the English program in Trinidad (offered biennially in the fall; next in fall 2012). For information and application, see the Off-Campus Programs office at 44 North College St.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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