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Sacred Spaces on Campus

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You can find sacred spaces throughout campus regardless of your faith.

Dartmouth provides a number of spaces to worship and stay grounded. I never would have predicted that my relationship with God would be strengthened while in college; I am blessed to say that it has. The connections I've made within the religious community at Dartmouth have been instrumental in my success so far. ('15)

Rollins Chapel

Many of our spiritual activities take place in Rollins Chapel. Regularly scheduled Ecumenical Christian and Hindu Puja services; the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Baccalaureate multi-faith services; and Jewish High Holiday services take place in Rollins.

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Hindu Temple

Shanti, Tucker's Hindu student organization,  was founded in 2002 by student and community members in the Dartmouth area interested in practicing, learning about, and representing the Hindu faith.

In 2005, Dartmouth graciously provided space for a Hindu temple in Rollins Chapel. In February of 2012, the temple received a new vigraham of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, along with a significant renovation made possible through the efforts of dedicated volunteer students and community members.

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The Roth Center

Since opening in November 1997, the Roth Center has provided a home and a sense of family for Dartmouth students and the Upper Valley Jewish Community (UVJC). For students, the Roth Center is open 24 hours (very important during finals!), providing students a quiet, relaxing place to study and oftentimes snack as well! Many students also teach children at the UVJC Religious School. Hillel and the UVJC have collaborated successfully on religious and academic programs to the benefit of both communities and continue to build a relationship through various events.

The Roth Center is home to a kosher kitchen, which is open to be used by anyone who demonstrates an ability and knowledge to keep it kosher. The kitchen is also where all student-prepared Shabbat dinners are cooked, and where many a late-night study snack has been whipped up.

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The Muslim Prayer Room

The Muslim Prayer Room, centrally located in North Fairbanks Hall, is used for various purposes—primarily for congregational prayers, such as Friday Jum'ah prayer services, and 'Ishaa and Fajr prayers. Students often stop by to offer their prayers throughout the day, or to spend some time reading.

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The Tucker Meditation Room

The Tucker Meditation Room provides space for various meditation and mindfulness groups on campus to practice as well as a quiet place for individuals to come prayer, be still, or simply find a quiet place to rest a while. To reserve this space, please email the Tucker Center or call us at 603-646-3780.

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Last Updated: 3/6/17