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Living Guidelines

La Casa provides a perfect environment for the development of extracurricular activities related to the academic fields of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian languages and cultures. It also offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their language skills by total immersion in a Spanish speaking environment and to interact with students with similar interests. Following are some general guidelines for residents of La Casa:

  1. Students residing at La Casa will be expected to live and work in cooperative spirit, sharing some household maintenance duties and kitchen responsibilities.
  2. The official languages of La Casa are Spanish and Portuguese. Students residing at La Casa are expected to use only Spanish and/or Portuguese in group situations and are strongly encouraged to speak these languages at all times among themselves, with the Faculty Advisor and with Spanish and Portuguese-speaking guests
  3. Unless otherwise specified, the same college rules that apply to other college housing will apply to La Casa. See your Student Handbook and Guide for On-campus Living for complete information on college housing policies and regulations.

Last Updated: 8/3/10