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La Casa

La Casa is an academic affinity house located at 42 North College Street that offers housing for up to 10 students. Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, La Casa is designed to serve as a center and meeting place for a wide variety of activities related to Hispanic, Latino, Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures and languages. These activities will take place over the entire academic year, and can include video and film series, lectures, roundtables, cooking classes and gatherings of student organizations, fiestas, and other extracurricular activities.

The official language of La Casa is Spanish. Residents speak only Spanish in group situations and are strongly encouraged to speak Spanish at all times among themselves, with the Resident Director, and with Spanish-speaking guests.

Who we are in La Casa 

Faculty Advisor Summer 2014

(Please direct questions concerning application and residency requirements to the Faculty Advisor.)

Professor Raúl-Bueno


Resident Faculty Advisor Summer Term 2014

Pedro Hurtado Ortiz

Last Updated: 6/20/14