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Scholarship Advising
Parker House, HB 6201
Room 106
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.1622
Fax:  603.646.8190
Email: scholarship advising

2016-2017 Scholarship Winners


DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Study Scholarship
Claire Park '16
Annelise Sauter Ortiz '16

Fulbright Grant
Iman AbdoulKarim '17 - UK, Islamic Studies
Nicole Castillo '17 - Morocco, English Teaching Assistant
Sharon Cho '17 - South Korea, English Teaching Assistant
Apoorva Dixit '17 - India, Anthropology
Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga '16 - South Korea, English Teaching Assistant (declined)
Devyn Greenberg '17 - Morocco, English Teaching Assistant
Michaela LeDoux '17 - Czech Republic, English Teaching Assistant
Liane Makatura '17 - Switzerland, Computer Science
Daniel Miller GR - India, Musicology
Emma PeConga '16 - Denmark, Psychology
Jocelyn Powelson '14 - Nepal, Environmental Studies
Travis Price '11 - Uruguay, English Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Doe Stone '12 - Sweden, Art History
Jordan Terry '15 - UK, History (declined)
Clara Wang '17 - Taiwan, International Relations (declined)
Joshua Warzecha '17 - Israel, English Teaching Assistant

Goldwater Scholarship
Jared Duker Lichtman '18
Chenguang Li '18
Kevin Kang '18

Rhodes Scholarship
Sarah Waltcher '16

Schwarzman Scholarship
Halimo Hassan '17

Udall Scholarship
Samantha Maltais '18 (Honorable Mention)
Alexandra Sclafani '18 (Honorable Mention)
Amerra Webster-Yaqui '19 (Honorable Mention)

Yenching Academy Scholarship
José Burnes Garza '17
Joshua Tupler '16


H. Allen Brooks Traveling Fellowship
Kang-Chun Cheng '17 — Greenland, Finland, Russia: Researching Overpopulation of Reindeer
Jordan Craig '15 — Italy, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands: Printmaking in Communal Print Shops in Europe
Yifan Fang '17 — Japan: Urbanization and Shinto Sacred Spaces in Tokyo
Kristina Heggedal '17 — Germany: Public Transportation and Urban Movement in German Cities
Ruby Hopkins '17 — Sweden: Regenerative Land Management through Sustainable Farming Practices
Joanna Millstein '17 — Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden: Observations on the Arctic and its Response to the Changing Climate
Sophie Sheeline '16 — Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil: Small-scale Urban Public Space Architecture as a Catalyst of Social Inclusion and Participatory Empowerment

Dartmouth General—Campbell Fellowship
Keshia Naurana Badalge '16 — Singapore: Hostile Architecture and Social Engineering in Void Decks
Nicholas Thyr '17 — UK: MPhil in Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Cambridge University

Dartmouth General—Colby Fellowship
Kripa Dongol '16 — Nepal: Research on Conservation, Land Use and Sustenance in Karnali
Lucy Hale '17 — Belize: Hillside Health Care Public Health Education Program
Soohyung Hur '17 — US: Research Fellowship at Oxfam America
Freya Jamison '17 — US: Research Fellowship at the International Refugee Assistance Project
Anna Miller '16 — Netherlands: Development of a New Treatment for Kienbock's Disease

Dartmouth General Fellowship
Nana Adjeiwaa-Manu '16 — US: Research on the Impact of Racism on Mental Health among Black Youth
Oscar Cornejo '17 — US: Research on Freedom Schooling and Segregation
Joshua Echebiri '14 —US: MFA in Acting, New York University
Brenda Gonsalez '15 — US: Sculpture and Printmaking Workshop at Brandeis University
Nkenna Ibeakanma '16 — UK, US, and Nigeria: Documentary on Femininity in Africa and the Diaspora
Min Jee Kim '17 — UK: MPerf in Vocal Performance, Royal College of Music
Julia Marino '17 — US: March of Dimes Campus Chapter Initiative
Jessica Womack '14 — Cuba: The Legacy of Slavery in Cuban Contemporary Art
Honorary Dartmouth General Fellowship
Er Li Peng '16
Phoebe Novello '17

William Hill Memorial Loan
Brandon Gunter '14 — US: MSc in Education, Johns Hopkins University

Paul L. '83 and Neil T. McGorrian Fellowship
Ian Speers '17 — Liberia: Americares Global Health and Emergency Response Fellowship

James B. Reynolds Scholarship for Foreign Study
Caitlin Anderson '17 — UK: MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
Katie Bernhard '15 — UK: MSc in Environment and Development, London School of Economics
Annelise Brinck-Johnsen '17 — UK: MSt in Women's Studies, Oxford University
Yasmeen Erritouni '17 — UK: Study of Sexual Dichomatism in a Cretaceous Fossil Bird, University of Bristol
Spencer Furey '17 — UK: MPhil in American History, Cambridge University
Connor Gibson '16 — UK: MSc in Digital Anthropology, University College London
Samuel Greydanus '17 — Switzerland: Machine Learning Research at CERN
Ellen Kim '17 — UK: MSc in Integrated Immunology, Oxford University
Maeve Lentricchia '17 — UK: MPhil in Classics, Cambridge University
Kendall Madden '15 — Ireland: MPhil in Film Studies, Trinity College Dublin
Larissa Phillips '17 — UK: MSc in Development Studies, London School of Economics
Rachel Sands '13 — Jamaica: MA in Communication Studies, University of the West Indies
Simone Schmid '17 — Kenya: Social Innovation Management Program, Amani Institute
Elizabeth Smith '17 —UK: MSc in Women, Peace and Security, London School of Economics
Benjamin Weinstock '17 — UK: MSt in Medieval Studies, Oxford University
Edom Wessenyeleh '17 — UK: MSC in Control of Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Honorary Reynolds Scholarship
Nicholas Thyr '17

Alfred K. Priest Fellowship for Study at Harvard University
Stephanie Alden '16 —Harvard Medical School
Ranya Brooks '13 — Harvard Graduate School of Education
Hannah Hoyt '13 —Harvard Graduate School of Design
Sara Kassir '15 — Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Georgi Klissurski '14 — Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Moulshri Mohan '15 — Harvard School of Public Health
Rebecca Rodriguez '17 — Harvard Law School
Joseph Tahbaz '15 — Harvard Law School
Tucker Ward '12 — Harvard Business School
Honorary Priest Fellowship
Yejadai Dunn '16

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. and James H. Hamlen Award for Law Study
Alisa White '17

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. 1930 Fellowship for Law Study
Yerin Yang '17

Charles H. Woodbury Memorial Law Prize
Eric Jung '17
Jessica Tong '17

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