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Rhodes Scholarships

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Thirty-two Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to U.S. citizens annually for two years of study in a degree program at the University of Oxford. Rhodes Scholars are elected in December and enter Oxford in October of the following year.

The criteria which Mr. Rhodes set forth in his will still guide Committees of Selection in their assessment of applicants. The Will contains four standards by which prospective Rhodes Scholars should be judged:

  1. Literary and scholastic attainments
  2. Energy to use one’s talents to the full, as exemplified by fondness for success in sports
  3. Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for the protection of the weak kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship
  4. Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings

Much of the distinctiveness of the Rhodes Scholarships stems from this comprehensive set of criteria. Intellectual excellence is obviously required, but not in isolation from other qualities. Mr. Rhodes sought Scholars who were more than “mere bookworms", he wanted their intellectual talents to be combined with concern for others. Thus the Selection Committees assign the highest importance to this blend of character with intellect.



Applicants apply as a representative of one of the fifty states: either in the state in which they will have received at least two years of college training and a bachelor's degree before October 1, 2015, or in the state where they were legally resident on April 15, 2014. Applicants are warned that selection committees are instructed to verify legal residence. Simultaneous application to more than one District Committee will disqualify an applicant. At the time of application:

  1. An applicant must be a citizen of the United States; pending application for citizenship does not qualify a person to apply.
  2. An applicant, by October 1, 2014 must be at least 18 but not yet 24 years of age.
  3. An applicant must have achieved academic standing sufficiently advanced to assure completion of a bachelor's degree before October 1, 2015.



Rhodes applicants must receive the endorsement of the Dartmouth College Committee on Graduate Fellowships. The Committee will review all application materials, except for the personal statement and will interview each applicant to decide on endorsements. You will be informed of your status via email.

For scholarships requiring endorsement, all materials must be sent to Scholarship Advising by email.


Preliminary Application

Please register your intention to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship by submitting the Scholarship Registration Web Form.

Rhodes memorandum for 2014-2015 is currently being updated. 

A group of Rhodes Scholars in residence have produced a video on the Rhodes application essay. The link is here 

Applicants will submit the following to the Scholarship Advising office by the preliminary application deadline of July 1, 2014:

  • 2014 Rhodes Application except for the personal statement, which should be submitted only with the final application.(July)
  • List of Activities (2 pages)
  • Five to Eight Letters of Recommendation (4 academic, 1-4 non-academic references) DUE AUGUST 1
  • Academic Transcript:  Current Undergraduates should order an unofficial transcript through Banner Student, and email the PDF to  Alumni should order an official e-transcript through the Registrar's homepage, and have the transcript sent directly to
  • Transcripts (other institutions):  Please request official copies of any other non-Dartmouth transcripts to be sent to Scholarship Advising, 6201 Parker House, Hanover, NH  03755 or email

These applications will be read by the Scholarship advisor who will make comments and offer suggestions.  The preliminary application (with comments) will be returned to you over the summer.


Letters of Recommendation DUE AUGUST 1

Please provide your recommenders with the Guidelines for Writers of Letters of Recommendation when requesting a recommendation.  You will also need to provide them with the Rhodes Request for Letter of Appraisal form when it is available.

You should also provide them with any information about you that can help them formulate a strong recommendation, such as, information on the scholarship and what your study and research plans are, a copy of your CV, a paper you wrote for their class, research topics, future academic or career goals, etc.

Five to eight letters of recommendation are required for the official application with at least four of these letters from faculty. Faculty letters are expected to be very detailed and to address the applicant’s intellectual interests quite specifically, perhaps describing memorable in-class debates and/or outstanding scholarly papers from seminars and independent study projects. Applicants should not, therefore, select prospective referees solely on the basis of class standing.

Letters of recommendation should be sent to Scholarship Advising by email (preferred), or to 6201 Parker House, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755 or Hinman Box 6201.

For more information on recommendation letters, click here.


Campus Deadline and Interviews

All Application materials are due to Scholarship Advising by the Campus Deadline on September 2, 2014.

  • Complete online application** (Please submit the personal statement only with your final submission to the Rhodes Trust. In accordance with recent changes to the guidelines for the personal statement, the candidate should not allow anyone to review or edit it)
  • List of activities
  • All letters of recommendation
  • Transcript
  • Scholarship Advising Questionnaire (to be completed online through the Scholarship Advising website)

Campus committee interviews for all applicants will take place in mid-September. The committee will read all application materials in advance of the interview. If an applicant is off-campus, interviews will be conducted by phone or Skype.
**There will be time for final revisions and edits before the final submission to the foundation.

Final Application Submission

**Official Transcripts:  Current Undergraduates should order an official e-transcript through the Registrar's homepage once your fall term classes are finalized.  Transcripts should be sent directly to  All nominees are responsible for uploading the official transcript PDF to the online application.

  • Candidates who receive the endorsement of the Committee are responsible for completing the online application, including the personal essay, for final submission by September 25, 2014.
  • Nominees must upload supplementary materials (for example, your transcripts or photo) by September 25, 2014.  Scholarship Advising will email you a PDF of your official transcript. 
  • Scholarship Advising will upload your institutional endorsement by the deadline of October 1, 2014.


Rhodes Application Schedule

April 2014

Rhodes Information Session

June, 2014

Register with Scholarship Advising

July 1, 2014

Preliminary Application Deadline

July  2014

Feedback on Preliminary Applications Available in Scholarship Advising

August 1, 2014

Letters of Recommendation Deadline

September 2, 2014

Final Application Campus Deadline

Mid-September 2014

Interviews with the Committee on Graduate Fellowships

October 1, 2014

Online Deadline for Final 2013 Application

October 1, 2014

Deadline for Institutional Endorsement and Referee Letters

November 2014

Mock Interviews for Finalists

November 2014

Rhodes District Interviews

Late November 2014

Rhodes Scholars Announced



Additional Information

Rhodes Scholarship Website

Email Scholarship Advising

Frequently Asked Questions


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