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An important foundation of the Collis Center is the concept of community. It is our goal for student organizations to view Collis as a social center for students, staff, and the local community, and as such, is respectful is all members of the community. We aspire for students to make smart and healthy choices that benefit the community, working to plan inclusive events that welcome and enlighten all. Students learn to live out the common values of the community while seeking to understand and appreciate the individual values of sub-populations.

Student Quotes

“You form a lot of really good friendships and those continue outside of meetings and it gets you to talk to people and get help on other things we need. It’s really nice to get to know people like that.” - Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society '10

“It’s certainly found me a community… It’s really good to have a bunch of people that you know you have objectives and interests in common with and I know a lot of people in different student organizations whose organization is not only their main extracurricular activity… I don’t even think there’s such a thing as an extracurricular activity… you know - it’s social. You’re doing it because you like to do it, it interests you..[The Jacko is] the major fulcrum point of the community I immerse myself in at Dartmouth.” - The Jack-O-Lantern '11


Last Updated: 6/4/10