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St. Isaac's Cathedral (06/14/03)
Christina, Wayne, Ani, Brittany, and Tyra
Palace Bridge (06/15/03)

Church of the Saviour on the Blood (06/14/03)

Crusier Aurora (06/14/03)
Kiku, Jillian, and Nicole

Local coordinator Natasha (in sunglasses) tells students where to change money on Nevskiy Prospekt. (06/14/03) Troika of St. Petersburg monuments:
Hermitage/Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral and Admiralty.

Kiku and Susan on the banks of the Neva River.

Kiku, Wayne, Nicole, Rachel, and Tyra

Boat Tour (6/14/03)

Tourists can always find plenty of Russian souvenirs.(06/19/03)
Jennifer and Bill on Nevskiy Prospekt (8/8/03) Dom knigi (8/8/03)

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