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Median Grades for Undergraduate Courses - Summer 2015

Listed below are the enrollment and median course grades for all courses offered in 2015 Summer which had an enrollment of 10 or more students and are not otherwise exempted from having their median grades appear on student transcripts. "Enrollment" here means the number of students graded under the A-E grading system; thus graduate students, as well as undergraduates for whom the grade has not yet been entered, do not count in this regard. If the median is an expression such as A-/B+, it means that the course had an even number of students and that exactly half of the class had A- or better and the other half B+ or lower.

These medians have been calculated using grades available as of December 8, 2015; thus there may be some changes from the first version of this list, created at the end of the term, due to resolution of Incompletes, late grade submissions, or other changes. This is the final list for 2015 Summer, and represents the information that will appear on student transcripts, regardless of any further changes that might occur in grades for the term.


15X AAAS-88.02-01 30 B+
15X AMES-40.05-01 10 A-/B+
15X AMES-40.06-01 54 A-
15X ANTH-003-01 50 B+
15X ANTH-055-01 27 B+
15X ARAB-011-90 20 A-
15X ARAB-022-90 15 A
15X ARAB-023-90 15 A
15X ARTH-062-01 54 A-
15X ARTH-065-01 35 B+
15X ASTR-001-01 22 B+
15X ASTR-002-01 114 A
15X ASTR-003-01 87 A-
15X BIOL-013-01 67 B
15X BIOL-014-01 56 B
15X BIOL-022-01 14 B+/B
15X BIOL-045-01 13 B+
15X CHEM-052-01 42 B
15X CHEM-063-01 14 B+
15X CHIN-011-90 14 A /A-
15X CHIN-62.02-01 12 A-
15X CLST-004-01 75 B+
15X COLT-42.03-01 19 A-
15X COLT-52.02-01 12 B+
15X COSC-024-01 18 A-/B+
15X COSC-050-01 38 A-
15X COSC-056-01 47 A-
15X COSC-056-02 37 A-
15X COSC-69.07-01 32 A-
15X EARS-005-01 80 B+
15X EARS-040-01 29 A-
15X ECON-020-01 66 B+
15X ECON-020-02 66 B+
15X ECON-021-01 19 B+
15X ECON-021-02 19 B+
15X ECON-022-01 22 B /B-
15X ECON-022-02 22 B /B-
15X ECON-026-01 63 B+
15X ECON-026-02 63 B+
15X ECON-077-01 20 A-
15X EDUC-060-01 35 B+
15X ENGL-015-01 31 B+
15X ENGL-036-01 23 A-
15X ENGL-046-01 21 A-
15X ENGL-080-01 12 A-
15X ENGS-003-01 41 B+
15X ENGS-003-02 19 B+
15X ENGS-010-01 84 A-
15X ENGS-022-01 26 B+/B
15X ENGS-025-01 37 B+
15X ENGS-031-01 47 A-
15X ENGS-031-02 37 A-
15X ENGS-033-01 26 B+
15X ENVS-025-01 40 A-
15X ENVS-039-01 26 A-/B+
15X FILM-001-01 33 B+
15X FILM-023-01 13 A-
15X FILM-031-01 10 A
15X FILM-42.03-01 12 B+
15X FREN-35.03-01 13 A
15X GEOG-002-01 33 B+
15X GEOG-045-01 19 A
15X GERM-003-90 12 A-
15X GERM-005-90 17 A
15X GERM-006-90 17 A-
15X GERM-44.02-01 36 A-
15X GOVT-005-01 24 B+
15X GOVT-053-01 30 A /A-
15X GOVT-20.02-01 35 B+
15X GOVT-20.04-01 11 B+
15X GOVT-20.05-01 32 A-
15X GOVT-84.16-01 13 B+
15X HIST-010-01 13 B+
15X HIST-021-01 24 B+
15X HIST-023-01 28 A-
15X HIST-06.03-01 30 B+
15X HIST-06.11-01 36 A-
15X HIST-94.09-01 87 A-
15X HIST-96.12-01 11 A
15X HIST-96.12-02 11 A
15X INTS-018-01 33 B+
15X JAPN-011-90 17 A
15X JAPN-022-90 17 A
15X JAPN-023-90 17 A
15X JWST-011-01 87 A-
15X JWST-34.02-01 36 A-
15X LACS-30.06-01 12 B+
15X LACS-50.09-01 32 A-
15X LATS-005-01 26 A-
15X MATH-020-01 20 B
15X MATH-022-01 50 B+
15X MATH-031-01 18 B
15X PBPL-040-01 33 B+
15X PBPL-043-01 20 A-
15X PHIL-09.06-01 36 B+
15X PHIL-50.20-01 17 A-
15X PHYS-003-01 38 A
15X PHYS-042-01 15 A
15X PSYC-010-01 25 A-
15X PSYC-011-01 22 A-
15X PSYC-025-01 60 A-
15X REL -048-01 26 A-
15X SART-015-01 14 A-
15X SART-015-02 12 A
15X SOCY-022-01 33 B+
15X SOCY-025-01 28 B+
15X SOCY-044-01 26 A-
15X SPAN-002-01 13 B
15X SPAN-003-01 15 B+
15X SPAN-009-01 12 A-
15X SPAN-020-90 18 A-
15X SPAN-022-90 18 A
15X SPAN-032-90 18 A /A-
15X SPAN-60.02-01 17 A-
15X SPAN-60.02-02 12 A-
15X THEA-062-90 10 A /A-
15X THEA-065-01 13 A
15X WGSS-010-01 19 A
15X WGSS-35.01-01 13 B+
15X WGSS-38.02-01 30 B+
15X WGSS-41.04-01 10 A-/B+
15X WGSS-43.05-01 26 A-
15X WGSS-65.07-01 18 A

Last Updated: 12/8/15