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Transfer Terms (Non-Dartmouth Study Away)

Dartmouth Globes

Dartmouth College encourages interested students to participate in Dartmouth-sponsored study away programs. Details of the sponsored programs, such as FSP, LSA or Exchange programs, administered by the Off Campus Programs Office are available here. While students apply for Exchange programs through the Off-Campus Programs Office, students who are accepted then apply to have their courses approved for transfer by submitting the Transfer Credit Approval (Form 2) in the manner described below for Transfer Terms, to the Registrar's Office.

Students also have the option to take a leave term, and to independently seek out an alternate program.  This opportunity, referred to as a Transfer Term, is an option provided to students seeking to earn transfer credit towards their Dartmouth degree while studying at another institution, or a program sponsored by another institution.  Transfer terms are administered by the Registrar’s Office and the Committee on Instruction.  Students may transfer up to a total of four credits to Dartmouth throughout their academic career.

For information on participating in a Transfer Term, see below.

To begin the process of studying away on a Non-Dartmouth sponsored program, please use the following checklist:

  1. Review the section on Off-Campus Activities, Transfer Credit from other Institutions in the ORC.
  2. Check the dates for submitting the Transfer Term Application (Form 1) and Transfer Credit Approval (Form 2) forms on the Registrar website. Note: Some Dartmouth academic departments and programs have their own firm deadlines that may be earlier than those on the Registrar website, so also check individual department and program websites for details on transfer credit.
  3. Research some of the possibilities by talking with professors, reviewing online resources, and refer to the Non-Dartmouth Transfer Term Possibilities (PDF) listing on our website.
  4. Prepare a statement describing how you plan to incorporate the transfer term into your Dartmouth academic program.
  5. Secure individual course approvals by working with academic Departments and programs to include on your Transfer Credit Approval Form.
  6. Submit the completed Transfer Term Application (Form 1) and Transfer Credit Approval (Form 2) to the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline dates as stated on the Registrar website for review by the COI subcommittee.
  7. Be sure to include all supporting documents as described on the application including course descriptions, program information/dates, proof of course contact hours, and a copy of your degree audit. Once reviewed, the Registrar's Office will notify the student of the COI subcommittee's decision. If approved, the Registrar's Office will change the student's D-Plan to reflect a T for the approved transfer term.
  8. Communicate with whoever is responsible for your bill about the fee payable to Dartmouth and the costs of attending your program. The Registrar's Office will send a letter to this person with information about transfer terms.
  9. Once the transfer term is approved, Student Financial Services will be informed and the transfer term fee will be assessed and appear on your next statement.

Before you return from your your program:

  1. Request an official transcript from the Study Away institution to be sent directly to the Registrar's Office at Dartmouth. Once received, the credit will be posted on your Dartmouth transcript. Please be reminded that an official transcript is required to receive Dartmouth credit.

Useful links to application forms and fact sheets

Transfer Term Application (Form 1)

Transfer Credit Approval (Form 2)

Deadline Dates

Transfer Term Fees

ORC information on Study Away

Non-Dartmouth Transfer Term Possibilities (PDF)

Dartmouth Travel Registry

Travel Waiver (PDF)

Other Items to Consider


A non-refundable, non-petitionable application fee of $1100 is assessed for the fall term, and $2200 for the winter, spring, and summer terms.

Other Institution's Fees:

Students should be aware that dates for other school's payments may not line up with Dartmouth transfer term deadlines, and therefore if they elect to participate in another institution's program they may need to make a deposit, and risk losing it, before they are notified of the outcome of their transfer term application.

Financial Aid:

Dartmouth Financial aid is not available for transfer terms. Check with a financial aid counselor regarding your situation. You may be asked to provide a copy of your approved forms to the Financial Aid Office.



Travel Registry:

Students and Parents will want to consider the safety and security of the program they are attending.  Students are encouraged to register their itinerary and contact information in the Dartmouth Travel Registry at  This is managed by the Provost's Office.

Travel Waiver:

Dartmouth does not support travel to countries that are under U.S. State Department warnings. If a student is considering traveling to one of these countries, the student must seek a Travel Waiver from the Provost's Office. For more information see


Dartmouth’s Dickey Center for International Understanding has prepared 3 videos for travelers: Travel Safety, Health and Wellness, and Emergency Support. We encourage students to view them at  

Students attending a non-Dartmouth study away program (transfer term) are subject to the rules and regulations of the program on which they participate.


Student applications are reviewed and approved or denied by a subcommittee of the Committee on Instruction and must be submitted by the dates on the Registrar website. Normally no more than 5 students may participate in the same program in the same term.


  • Must be an integral part of a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate curriculum
  • May satisfy distributives, world culture, and, with department/program approval, major and minor requirements.
  • The Dartmouth foreign language requirement may not be satisfied using transfer credit.
  • Course syllabi are required for department/program review and students must obtain them from the transfer institution.
  • Must meet for a minimum of three weeks, for at least thirty contact hours of instruction, not including examination periods.


  • ALL courses must be taken for a letter grade (no Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit options permitted) and a C or higher must be earned in order for credit to transfer.
  • Grades do NOT show on the Dartmouth transcript and are NOT computed into the Dartmouth GPA.


  • Students should include transfer courses approved to fulfill major or minor requirements on their major/minor cards and update if added after initial filing.
  • Students must file their major cards by the end of their 5th term in residence. If not, holds will be put on their next residence term check-in.


  • When you set your D-Plan, make sure that the term during which you intend to participate in a non-Dartmouth-sponsored program it is set to an "L."
  • For students who wish to participate in room draw, set the term to an "R."
  • Your D-Plan will be modified to reflect a "T" after your transfer term application has been approved.

Transfer Term Application Deadline Dates

Upcoming Transfer Term application Due Date Applicable Term(s) for Transfer
April 7, 2014 Summer 2014, Fall 2014
September 29, 2014 Winter 2015 , Spring 2015
Past Transfer Term application Due Date Applicable Term(s) for Transfer
April 8, 2013 Summer 2013, Fall 2013
September 30, 2013 Winter 2014, Spring 2014

Key Contacts

For Non-Dartmouth Sponsored programs: Contact the Registrar’s Office

For Dartmouth Sponsored programs: Contact the Off Campus Programs Office

For Financial Aid support: Contact the Financial Aid Office

For Academic Advice and Support: Contact Departments/Programs and the Dean of Students Office.

Last Updated: 4/10/14