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Campus-Wide Initiatives

Listed below are campus-wide initiatives sponsored by the Provost's Office. Initiatives coordinated by other offices can be found on the Institutional Diversity & Equity website. 

Leading Voices in Higher Education

The Leading Voices in Higher Education speaker series brings creative and strategic leaders from a variety of disciplines to Dartmouth to discuss critical issues in higher education. The series is focused on engaging the campus in stimulating discussions about building and sustaining inclusive environments for teaching and learning.

Spring Term 2017 Leading Voices in Higher Education Lecture:

"Interdisciplinarity and Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges"
Stephanie Pfirman, Hirschorn Professor and co-Chair of the Department of Environmental Science at Barnard College
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Oopik Auditorium, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center


Faculty Development and Diversification Grant from the Mellon Foundation

Dartmouth received a planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to pilot activities in three areas: building a diverse pipeline, recruiting talented scholars, and developing faculty to thrive. Using this grant, Dartmouth will:

Actively recruit diverse scholars Each faculty opening is an opportunity for Dartmouth to move towards a more diverse faculty. Accordingly, Dartmouth will take an energetic approach to recruiting new faculty members. Dartmouth will pilot new search strategies with expanded resources, enabling outreach to underrepresented scholars. The Mellon Grant will help Dartmouth bring young scholars to campus to engage with the Dartmouth community and build relationships with faculty. By adopting a proactive approach to recruitment, Dartmouth can ensure the quality and diversity of applicant pools for new faculty positions.

Develop a mentorship program Dartmouth is committed not only to the recruitment of a diverse faculty, but also to the retention of talented scholars. Already existing mentorship programs will be expanded to provide the infrastructure for all faculty hires to thrive at Dartmouth. Mellon Grant funding will allow Dartmouth to make mentorship a priority for senior faculty by enabling regular meetings between senior and junior faculty. Mentors will be a guiding resource for assistant professors in their dual roles as teacher and researcher.

Provide training on disrupting implicit bias in the classroom Studies have shown that merely raising awareness of implicit bias and its potential effects may encourage individuals to change their actions. With Mellon Foundation support, the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning will offer termly sessions to educate faculty members about implicit bias and ways they can reduce its effects on students in the classroom.

Morehouse/Spelman Faculty Exchange

Grants of up to $2,500 are available for faculty to bring professors from Morehouse College and Spelman College to Dartmouth. Morehouse and Spelman faculty may visit for a range of activities, including, but not limited to guest lectures, visits to a class, and workshops or seminars. Such activities may fit into regular departmental colloquia series, but can also be across departments or in conjunction with other speaker series and center or institute activities.

Dartmouth faculty are encouraged to identify Morehouse and Spelman faculty who could positively contribute to Dartmouth and submit a 1-2 page proposal describing the guests potential visit to campus, including when and how they would spend their time at Dartmouth and how our faculty and students would benefit from this exchange. Please indicate how much funding is being requested (up to $2,500) and how funds would be used.

Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please submit proposals, along with any questions, to the office of the Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives.

Last Updated: 7/18/17