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Video: Hanlon on Dartmouth

It transformed my life

Office Hours

Student Office Hours:

June 26th, 1-2pm
July 15th, 4-5pm
August 5th, 4-5pm

Faculty Office Hours

June 26th, 12-1pm
July 15th, 3-4pm
August 5th, 3-4pm

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Wheelock Succession of Dartmouth Presidents

Dartmouth charter

"I believe that the greatest possession of the College has been and still is the spirit of Eleazar Wheelock in so far as it has been transmitted through his successors."

- William Jewett Tucker, on the appointment of
Ernest Fox Nichols as 10th president of Dartmouth College

Since its founding in 1769, Dartmouth has had 18 presidents, a distinguished line known as the "Wheelock Succession." Its members include:

Last Updated: 8/8/13