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"It transformed
my life"

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Moving Dartmouth Forward


During my first months as president it has become clear that, across campus, our vision for Dartmouth is remarkably similar. We all want to see the College remain the premier institution in the nation for teaching and learning, while expanding the depth and breadth of our research and scholarship around areas of global impact.

And we are united in our goal of ensuring that our community of learners is diverse, inclusive, welcoming and safe—a campus where the out-of-class experience is every bit as engaging as the in-class experience.

But sharing a vision is only the beginning; the real work lies ahead. Our ability to move Dartmouth forward is dependent on campus-wide engagement—harvesting concrete ideas for how we will accomplish all that we aspire.

I invite all of you to strengthen our campus by participating in the initiatives outlined on this website. Now is the time to make your investment through positive discourse and the healthy exchange of ideas.

Together, we can move Dartmouth forward.

President Phil Hanlon '77
April 2014


The Committee is being convened to recommend actions to end high-risk and harmful behavior in three critical areas: sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and lack of inclusion. Contribute your ideas and input (responses may be submitted anonymously).


On April 16, 2014, President Hanlon launched the Steering Committee's process of reform at a summit including dozens of student leaders as well as faculty, staff, and alumni.


Since February 2014, Moving Dartmouth Forward has hosted a series of dialogues to which all members of the Dartmouth community are invited to share constructive input on how we will bring our aspirations for Dartmouth to fruition.

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