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Fundamental Tests of Cosmology

Is the Universe playing fair with us? Are the laws of physics and the structure of space-time the same everywhere? It is a fundamental tenet of the Standard Cosmological Model that the answer is yes. Yet the difficulty of explaining the physics of cosmic acceleration forces a new scrutiny of many of our most cherished assumptions. If the structure of space-time is not the same everywhere, if in fact we occupy a privileged location in space and time at the center of a spherical bulge of matter and curvature, then it may be possible to explain a vast catalog of observational data without the need to invoke new physical effects such as dark energy. In a series of investigations, we consider the observational consequences if the answer to the above question is "no". Our work (Caldwell & Stebbins 2007, Caldwell & Maksimova 2013) illustrates how difficult it is to avoid dark energy.

FACULTY CONTACT: Robert Caldwell