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The faculty and students of the Department of Physics and Astronomy engage in a broad range of theoretical, experimental, and observational research. The major research efforts include: astrophysics; biophysics, cosmology; quantum/condensed matter theory and experiment; the physics of plasmas, fluids, and beams; and space physics.

Links to brief descriptions and images of the various research groups are included below. Faculty working in each area are listed below the names of the respective research groups.

     Brian Chaboyer
     Robert Fesen
     Ryan Hickox
     John Thorstensen
     Gary Wegner

     Stephon Alexander
     Robert Caldwell
     Marcelo Gleiser

Quantum & Condensed Matter Physics
     Miles Blencowe
     Walter Lawrence
     Chandrasekhar Ramanathan
     Alex Rimberg
     Lorenza Viola
     Kevin Wright

Plasma and Fluids
     David Montgomery
     Barrett Rogers

Space Physics, CISM
     Mary Hudson
     James LaBelle
     Kristina Lynch
     Robyn Millan
     Barrett Rogers
     Richard Denton
     John Lyon
     Hans Müller
     Brian Kress

Links to more detailed, individual research pages are included in the pull down menu above.

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