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Stephon Alexander

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Stephon Alexander is a theoretical physicist specializing in the interface between cosmology, particle physics and quantum gravity (String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity). He is currently the Ernest Everett Just 1907 Professor of Natural Sciences. He received his BSc (1993) from Haverford College and PhD (2000) from Brown University. He held postdoctoral fellowships at Imperial College, London and The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He previously held faculty positions at Penn State and Haverford College.

Research Interests

Theoretical Cosmology: Cosmological Constant Problem, Baryogenesis, Cosmic Inflation, Structure Formation, Singularity Resolution, Quantum Fields in Curved Spaces, String Cosmology. Quantum Gravity: String Theory, Modified Theories of Gravity, Loop Quantum Gravity/Spin Foams. Music: Instrument Acoustic Modelling, Geometry and Math of Music. For recent publications, click here.

Contact Information

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