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Emeritus Faculty

William Doyle

(Ph.D., Yale, 1955) Physical properties of inhomogeneous media; magnetic and optical effects in insulating crystals.

Office: 203 Wilder
Phone: (603) 646-2965
Email: William.T.Doyle@Dartmouth.EDU

Joseph D. Harris

(Ph.D., Purdue, 1955) General relativity and cosmology.

Email: Joseph.D.Harris@Dartmouth.EDU

Elisha R. Huggins

(Ph.D., Cal. Tech., 1962) Normal and superfluid vortex dynamics. Use of computers in teaching.

Email: Elisha.R.Huggins@Dartmouth.EDU

Walter E. Lawrence

(Ph.D., Cornell, 1970) Condensed matter theory; electron correlations and electron-phonon interactions, quantum information theory, decoherence and quantum measurement.

Email: Jay.Lawrence@Dartmouth.EDU

David C. Montgomery

(Ph.D., Princeton, 1959) Professor Montgomery works on theoretical fluid mechanics and plasma physics; recent topics of interest have been relaxation of an electron plasma in a Malmberg-Penning trap and "spontaneous spin-up" in a two-dimensional turbulent fluid field.

Office: 203 Wilder
Phone: (603) 646-3219 or (603) 643-2937
FAX: (603) 646-1446
Email: David.C.Montgomery@Dartmouth.EDU