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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply to be a UGA for next year if I’m only going to be on for 1 or 2 terms?

All D-plans are considered, just be sure to indicate on your application which terms you will be on and officially enrolled.

I have a conflict with fall Training, can I still apply for a fall term position?

Any conflicts should be sent to the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee via e-mail before you submit your UGA Application. then, the Training Coordinator will contact and advise you further.  If you will be a DOC trip leader, you should request to lead the first trip section so that you are back in time for the start of UGA Training.

Do I have to be on campus for major campus weekends like Green Key, Homecoming and Winter Carnival?

All staff must be on campus for the major weekends as long as they are employed with the Office of Residential Life for that term.  The major weekends are Homecoming, Winter Carnival and Green Key (dates to be announced).

How many positions are there, and how many people will apply for them?

There are approximately 106 UGA positions per term each year (except summer term, which varies based on the number of summer residents).  Because we are filling each spot by term and not all candidates are on for all three terms, we usually need to hire around 130-160 UGAs to fill the openings that we have throughout the year.  In the past, there have been around 200-300 applicants.

Can I specify which cluster I wish to be placed in?

On the application, you may indicate your preference for a Resident Population or Residential Program but not a cluster choice. These preferences are not guaranteed, as balancing staff composition and experience will mean that some candidates will be assigned to communities in which they did not list as a preference. In the case of special housing needs due to a medical condition, we will do everything possible to accommodate you where your needs can be met, provided that appropriate documentation has been filed with the Housing Office.

Do current UGAs who want to return get their jobs back automatically next year?

Current UGAs do not get their jobs back automatically.  They are rehired based largely on their performance in the UGA position.  They meet with their supervisor to discuss whether or not they should return for another year.  Rehiring decisions are based upon their motivation, commitment, potential for continued growth and learning in the position, and of course their performance during their tenure as a UGA.

If I'm not offered a position initially, is there any hope of getting a position later?

YES!  A few candidates will turn down positions that they are offered, and we then make a new round of offers to fill the vacant positions.  If you are not extended an offer initially, we may ask if you're interested in being on the list to be considered for positions as they become available.

My D-Plan has an "L" (Leave term) for a term for which I would like to apply. Can I still apply to be a UGA during my leave term?

Yes, you can apply for a position during a leave term, but we cannot officially hire you until we find out if we can house leave-term students for that term. Being a leave-term UGA comes with some pitfalls and challenges, so before you are hired, we will lead you through a brief process of being granted an exemption to the requirement that you be enrolled for all terms for which you are employed. If you plan on applying for a position during a leave term, please contact the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee.

How can I change information that I’ve provided in my application?

To change or update information in your application (such as d-plan or placement preferences), send an e-mail to the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee. We will make the change on your application. Please do not try to make any changes by resubmitting the web-based application.

Last Updated: 12/15/14