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Guidelines for Purchases

General Guidelines for Purchases

  • ProCards can be used for food and program supplies - Takeout, delivery, and supermarket purchases are all permissible.
  • ProCards can't be used for sit-down meals.  For sit-down meals you may request a cash advance (see below) or use a Dartmouth Corporate Card.
  • ProCards can be used for most off-campus activity venues/events that take credit cards (bowling, mini golf).  If the venue doesn't accept ProCards (Collis, sit-down meals), a cash advance should be requested.
  • ProCards can be used for purchasing gifts or gift cards with the exception of weddings, births, and birthdays.  These must be purchased with personal money only.
  • Tickets for HOP events may be purchased by account transfer, just make a special request when you go to purchase them, being sure to provide the HOP with the SIPS Account number.  You may pick up tickets from the HOP Box Office.

Guidelines for Procard Use

  • Make sure that you have completed the authorization form prior to taking the ProCard.
  • Purchases should not exceed $100 unless you have received prior written approval. 
  • When you use the card, make sure you are given both the itemized receipt and the credit card slip.
  • If you lose or do not obtain a receipt, it is your responsibility to return to the store and request a copy (usually the store can give you a duplicate).
  • Complete one purchase documentation form per purchase, and attach itemized receipt and credit card slip to it.  Put forms and receipts into procard envelope.
  • Return card and documentation within 1 business day to the Residential Education Office, Robinson Hall, Room 311.  Cards taken out on Friday should be returned on Monday morning by 10am.
  • You are responsible for the procard when it is signed out to you.  Please inform us immediately if it is missing.
  • Do not loan out the procard, unless you have been asked to do so by your Assistand Director or Procard Administrator.
  • Return the procard and all receipts in person or in the drop box outside of Robinson Hall, Room 311.

Guidelines for Using a Cash Advance

  • Turn in detailed budget to Assistant Director using SIPS Request Form.
  • Meet with Assistant Director to review Cash Advance Policies.
  • Pick up Cash Advance Form from the Residential Education Office in Robinson Hall, Room 311.
  • To receive cash or traveler's checks, take student ID and completed Cash Advance request form to the Cashier's Office (McNutt, First Floor) during regular working hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., (summer hours may affect these business hours). Requests for large amounts of traveler's checks should be received by the Cashier's Office at least 24 hours before they are needed.  NOTE:  Persons receiving cash or traveler's checks must sign for them in the presence of a Cashier and are responsible for the funds in the event of theft or loss.
  • Use cash for SIPS event/program purchases, being sure to retain all receipts and correct change (if any remains).
  • RETURN ALL RECEIPTS AND ANY REMAINING CASH to the Residential Education Office in Robinson Hall, Room 311 on the first business day following the event.

Guidelines for Driving on Office Business

Any staff member driving a vehicle on College-related business, whether in his or her own vehicle or another, must receive a "driver approval" from the Office of Integrated Risk Management and Insurance (ORMI).  This policy applies to all staff and students.  To become an approved driver, the staff member must complete an application and submit it to ORMI.  ORMI will then check the employee's driving record before providing the employee with a password to access a mandatory on-line driver safety course.  For more information, including driver approval application forms for employees/students, go to the ORMI web site at:

Remember, if in doubt, email "Residential Education" or call 646-1491.

Last Updated: 7/15/16