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East Wheelock

East Wheelock Panorama

"We are a community of teachers and learners;
our experiences here promote the development of the whole person;
and we live in a residential community where academic experiences are integrated with other aspects of students' lives."

James Freedman, Fifteenth President of Dartmouth College

The East Wheelock Program is an intellectually vibrant and culturally diverse residential community that expands the educational experience beyond the classroom. Through enhanced interaction among students, faculty, staff, and a wide range of visiting scholars, artists, performers, and public figures, the program prepares students for life-long learning and responsible global citizenship.
Since 1996, the East Wheelock Cluster has focused on integrating the intellectual and social lives of students.

Viewing a liberal education as a seamless endeavor, the activities in the East Wheelock Cluster serve to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of residents and others through community events and formal and informal programs with faculty and administrators.
Cluster programming is coordinated in a collaborative manner by the Cluster Council, Cluster Dean, Cluster Faculty Director and Cluster Community Director.

The East Wheelock program promotes closer interaction between faculty and students, and provides a broad range of educational and social programs, such as musical performances, faculty discussions, and guest speakers. Some of the programs are organized by the student-run Cluster Council and Service Corps, as well as the Faculty Associates who live in the East Wheelock community, the Class Dean assigned to the cluster, and the residential life staff.

Upper-class students interested in residing in the East Wheelock Cluster must complete a program application

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