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The Fayerweathers, Ripley/Woodward/Smith, Wheeler & Richardson

The Fayerweathers

The Fayerweathers Floor Plans

The hilltop site of "The Fayers," as this cluster is affectionately known, has a colorful residential history. On the site once stood an outhouse for residents of adjacent Dartmouth Hall (now an academic building). Just before 1900, New York merchant Daniel B. Fayerweather donated the money to launch the construction of Fayerweather Hall. Seven years later, the larger North and South Fayerweather Halls were built to remedy a continuing housing shortage. Fire ravaged these halls in 1909, but little injury to students resulted because they jumped out of windows into the cushioning snow. The Fayerweathers' alumni sponsor is the Class of 1961.

The Fayerweathers is an upperclass community consisting mostly of triple rooms. Rooms are carpeted and many include a half-bath.

  • Mid Fayerweather - 110 beds

  • North Fayerweather - 56 beds

  • South Fayerweather - 64 beds


Ripley/Woodward/Smith Floor Plans

The cluster first opened for the 1930-1931 academic year, its halls named for three of Dartmouth's earliest professors: Sylvanus Ripley, John Smith, and Bezaleel Woodward. Ripley/Woodward/Smith programming is supported by the Class of 1957.

Ripley/Woodward/Smith is an upperclass community consisting primarily of single rooms. The remaining rooms are one- and two-room doubles.

  • Ripley - 44 beds
  • Woodward - 47 beds
  • Smith - 46 beds


Wheeler Floor Plans

Wheeler Hall sits between Rollins Chapel and Richardson Hall, and is directly across the street from Baker Library. Wheeler is noted for the “L-shape" of many of its double rooms. Many rooms also have half-baths. Wheeler is an all upperclass community.

  • Wheeler - 107 beds



Richardson Floor Plans

Richardson, the oldest student residence on campus, is venerable in appearance; sitting on a hilltop, its stone and brickwork classically envelop a rotunda-like entry. Richardson is all upperclass and students live on four single-sex floors, primarily in two-room doubles and triples.

  • Richardson - 61 beds

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