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The Basics...

For New Students

The majority of students in the entering class will be assigned to double and triple occupancy rooms. Some first-years will be assigned to single rooms or quads (four students).

All first-year students will participate in Dartmouth’s First-Year Residential Housing Program. Approximately half the class will live in all first-year clusters, the River and the Choates, while the rest of the class will live in mixed-class housing in the Russell Sage, McLaughlin and East Wheelock Clusters. The professional and student staff who live and work in these communities endeavor to foster a strong sense of community and class unity, and aid new students in their transitions to college life. The live-in staff works in collaboration with educators and faculty to offer events and programs designed to meet the unique needs of first-year students, and acclimate them to life at Dartmouth.

First-year students are not eligible to request specific buildings on their housing applications. Housing and roommate assignments are made using the responses to profile questions that are found on the housing questionnaire for the incoming class. These questions have proven to be our best indicators for roommate compatibility, so it is crucial that students answer the questions realistically and honestly. It is also important to note that assignments are made without regard to race, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

For Returning Students

The Housing Office conducts the assignment process four times per year. Room Draw, held during the spring term, is the process by which returning students and their roommate(s) select the rooms they will live in for the upcoming fall term. In an arena style setting, students within a particular class select their rooms in order based upon a randomly assigned priority number. Students who are away from campus for the spring term, but will be on campus for the fall, choose a proxy to select a room for them. A student's housing assignment and contract are in effect only for those consecutive terms the student is enrolled in classes and actually living on campus. Students who are away from campus in the fall or winter terms file a web-based housing application for the term they will return to campus. Students wishing to live on campus for the summer term also file a web-based housing application. The housing priority number determines the order by which those who apply for housing by the appropriate deadline will be assigned.

More detailed information regarding the Room Draw process is published in Your Home Away from Home: A Guide to Housing Processes and is available to students each winter. Housing application deadlines for Summer Term 2010 and the 2010-11 academic year are:

  • Summer Term 2010 - May 14, 2010
  • Winter Term 2011 - October 29, 2010
  • Spring Term 2011 - February 8, 2011
  • Summer Term 2011 - May 13, 2011
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Last Updated: 3/8/10