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Housing Applications

Upperclass students are housed using the most current Office of Residential Life Room Assignment Procedures, and are assigned to a residence hall, special interest or affinity program unit for all consecutive terms that they are enrolled (excluding summer); fraternity, sorority, coed, and undergraduate society house assignments are renewable each term.  Students select their fall term rooms during Room Draw which takes place during the previous spring term.  Students who will be leaving campus for one or more terms should submit a residence hall application for their return term before leaving campus. Applications for winter, spring or summer terms must be filed on-line with Banner Student. This can be done up to a year in advance. Assistance is always available at the Undergraduate Housing Office. IT IS A STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO APPLY FOR HOUSING BY THE ESTABLISHED DEADLINES.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are posted one year in advance at the Undergraduate Housing Office, this web site, "Welcome Home" and in the ORL - Student Housing Information Bulletin on Blitzmail. They are also published in Room Assignment Procedures.

Summer Term Housing

Only a small number of residence halls, academic affinity, and special interest program houses, which are selected in the preceding fall term, are used to house students enrolled for summer term classes. All coed, fraternity, sorority, and undergraduate society houses are used for summer term housing, unless otherwise noted.

Students are eligible to apply for summer term housing up to one year in advance, and are encouraged to apply early if they plan to be on a leave or off-campus term. The on-line application is available on Banner Student and must be filed by the application deadline, which is in the spring term.

Students are assigned to a room based upon their priority number, and on the information that is provided on the housing application. On-time applicants are assigned first, followed by on-time leave term applicants, and if space is available, late applicants.

Students who cancel a summer term housing assignment before the first day of classes are charged a $300 contract cancellation fee, so only those students who are serious about residing on-campus during the summer should apply. Assignments cannot be cancelled after the summer term's first day of classes.


Students who are in good standing with the College are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. Priority is given to on-time applicants whose D-plans indicate they will be enrolled for the term(s) for which they seek housing. If a student's enrollment pattern later changes to other than "R" (enrolled), any assignment will be cancelled and the student notified. It is each student's responsibility to monitor his/her enrollment pattern.

Students who have been readmitted to the College are not assured on-campus housing. Like other students, they must meet application deadlines for the term of their expected return.

Last Updated: 11/5/08