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Social Event Registration

Social Event Registration

Undergraduate events: should be registered here by midnight on the Tuesday prior to the event, in advance for big weekends. Please read the SEMP policy for full details.
Non-undergraduate events where alcohol is served should NOT be registered via the SEMP website. 
Graduate school events: Please visit the Safety and Security office at 5 Rope Ferry Rd to complete an event registration form in person at least 3 days prior to the event, after receiving written permission from the appropriate school's Dean. 
-Dartmouth Graduate Studies               
Call 603-646-1743 for information
-Geisel School of Medicine (page 103)    
Call 603-650-1509 for information
-Thayer School of Engineering                 
Call 603 646-3483 for information
-Tuck School of Business (see page 62)  
Call 603-646-3938 for information

Dartmouth College Social Event Management Procedures (SEMP)

Please click here to read the SEMP policy

Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions

Please click here for a printable SEMP cheat sheet

College staff or departmental events and alumni events: please visit the Safety and Security office at 5 Rope Ferry Rd to complete an event registration form in person, at least 3 days prior to the event
For alumni/ae reunion events in Greek physical plants: Please complete this form and email to the GLOS office at least one week prior to your event, after consultation with the current undergraduate officers and approval by the current GLOS alumni/ae advisor to the chapter.
Town of Hanover Information
Town of Hanover Open Container Ordinance Amended July 14, 2014
Town of Hanover Alcohol Diversion Program

SEMP Training

SEMP Training will introduce students to risk management, social host liability and college policies. Through this presentation participants will be able to identify potential risks and gain knowledge of the Dartmouth College Social Event Management Procedures. SEMP Training may also be held in individual houses or event spaces on campus. Please contact Sam Waltemeyer to schedule SEMP training for your individual chapter or college organization

TEAM Training

Servers are required to complete the online TEAM training course and pass the certification exam.

Servers are organization members who are at least 21 years old and have previously attended SEMP training.

The following is the process for obtaining a Certificate of Achievement in “Total Education in Alcohol Management” from the State of New Hampshire.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on: “Total Education in Alcohol Management”
  3. Follow the directions under “Is this your first time here?” and click on “Create new Account”
  4. When creating a new account be sure to:
    Enter your Dartmouth email
    Enter “Hanover” as the City
    Enter “99999” as the Liquor License Number
    Enter “Dartmouth” as Business
    Click “Create my new account
    An email will be immediately sent to your email address
    Read your email, and click on the web link it contains
    Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in
    Select the TEAM (Total Education in Alcohol Management) course
    If you are prompted for an “enrollment key” use “N/A”
    You can now access the full course
    Complete Sections 1 – 4
    Complete the Final Exam with a minimum score of 80
    Print out your Certificate and submit to Sam Waltemeyer in the GLOS Office.
      You can print to PDF and email a copy of the PDF to

 If you have technical questions about the site please call 603-271-8531. Know that you are calling the State of NH Liquor Commission Training Department and it may take several days to get a response.

Calculating Servings
Number of members and guests over 21 X hours of event) = number of servings 
For example: 
75 members and guests over 21 x 2 hours = 150 servings =1 keg of beer or cider
Determine quantity necessary to accommodate number of servings
Servings for Tier 1 and Tier 2 events are calculated when registering your event online and will be shown on the confirmation email
Tier 3 event servings are calculated with the GLOS staff member at the event meeting prior to the event
Alcohol should not be purchased until approval is granted 
1 x 12 oz CAN = 1 SERVING
1 x KEG = 150 SERVINGS
1 x 750 ml (25oz) BOTTLE = 5 SERVINGS
1 x 1500 ml (50oz) BOTTLE =10 SERVINGS
1 x 3 LITER (100oz) BOX = 20 SERVINGS
1 x 5 LITER (169oz) BOX = 33 SERVINGS
1 x 750 ml (25 oz) BOTTLE = "FIFTH" = 25 SERVINGS
1 x 1,000 ml (33.8 oz) BOTTLE = LITER = 33 SERVINGS
1 x 1,750 ml (60 oz) BOTTLE = "HANDLE" = 60 SERVINGS 
Last Updated: 9/26/14