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Orientation Team

The O-Team is excited to welcome you to Dartmouth! We'll be here throughout Pre-orientation and Orientation to help connect you with students, staff, faculty, and resources on campus. Through positive and diverse social programming, we hope to help you become part of the Dartmouth community. Follow all our exploits on Instagram for fun activities & tips to make Orientation great:

If you have any questions, please email us!

Meet the 2016 Orientation Team below:

Oscar Guerra


Oscar is an '18 from Miami, Florida. He is an Economics major and a Public Policy minor. He is a member of SigEp, an attorney/witness on the Mock Trial Team, a policy analyst at the Rockefeller Policy Research Shop, and a member of the Global Village. Oscar once fell off a donkey while playing polo.

Carolina Martinez


Carolina is a ’18 from Los Angelos California and is an Engineering and Spanish double major. On campus she is a leader in Sigma Delta Sorority and works for Dartmouth Dining Services. A fun fact about Carolina is that Becky G is her cousin. 

Monik Walters


Monik is a ’19 from Valley Streams, New York and is an English and Theater double major. On campus she is a part of the Sheba dance troupe, spiritual life, and Black Girls Are Magic. She is an executive board member of the NAACP and was a freshman representative. A fun fact about Monik is that she used to fence.

Eleanor Dowd


Eleanor is a '19 and a hopeful major in Engineering modified with Earth Sciences. She is involved in several groups on campus, including Divest Dartmouth, Cabin and Trail and one of the founders of Dartmouth for Syrian Refugees. Eleanor is an international student, coming from both England and Australia. In her free time, she enjoys scavenging for free food on campus and searching for puppies. 

Asha Pollydore


Asha is a ’17 from Albany, NY. She is a Psychology and Chinese double major, but she is interested in Early Childhood Education and wants to become a teacher. Asha discovered her love for rugby in college and spent three years on the Women’s Rugby team. She is also involved in Gospel Choir, Christian Union and Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority. Asha is a Dartmouth Dining Services Employee and knows the ins and outs of Collis Market and the Foco Dish room. Asha has dislocated her neck twice; the first time from falling off a horse and the second time (allegedly) from a heavy backpack!

Katy Sprout


Katy is a '17 from Tolland, CT, majoring in Computer Science with Digital Arts. She is the captain of the Varsity Women's Track and Field team where she is a hurdler and sprinter. She is also a programming intern for Collis After Dark, and a member of Women in Computer Science and programming chair of Chi-Delta sorority. Katy dreams of working on an innovative tech project that can help a lot of people and is a fan of dogs, ice cream, good coffee, and exploring.

John Fitz-Henley 


John is a '19 from Durham, NC. He is an economics major and potentially a chemistry double major. On-campus, John is a tour guide, sexual assault peer advocate, volunteers with the Red Cross Club, and works at the snack bar. In his free time, John talks nonstop, regardless of whether anyone is listening. Every day, he sings the Alma Mater to himself at 6pm (when the bells play it).

Sam Siegel


Sam is a ’19 from Demarest, NJ, majoring in Economics and minoring in French. On campus, he is a pole vaulter on the Track and Field Team, a member of the Hill Winds Society, and on The Dartmouth’s Finance and Strategy Committee. Sam enjoys listening to music, golfing with some friends, and traveling.

Carlos Tifa


Carlos is a 19’ from the Bronx, New York. He intends on majoring in Geography with an Economics modification. He is currently Spirit and Traditions Chair for Programming Board, A member of Spoon, and a Global Village Resident. When Carlos isn’t working hard (When isn’t he), He is usually blasting music in his meticulously designed room or eating because he is such a foodie!

Sandra Aka


Sandra is a '19 from Germantown, MD.  She intends to major in Mathematical Data Science and minor in African American Studies. Sandra writes for the Dartmouth Business Journal and is on the COSO student board. She is also a DEN resident. She ran at the Junior Olympic Games in 2014. 

Heidi Ahn


Heidi is an '18 from Hawai'i, majoring in ENVS with a minor in EARS. On campus she is involved with DREAM, FYPM, Haven cooking & ACE. In her free time she can be found watching TV shows (some of which are too embarrassing to say) or funny cat videos. 

Regina Yan


Regina is a ’19 from Overland Park, KS majoring in Romance Languages and minoring in Human Centered Design and Digital Arts. On campus she can be found rock climbing, figure skating, or recovering from an injury due to aforementioned activities. She used to have a dolphin-shaped birthmark on her left hand but it has since expanded into an unrecognizable blob. 

Lily Hines


Lily is a '19 planning to major in government while minoring in public policy. She is involved in the Nathan Smith Society Executive Committee and works as a research assistant for the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. This summer, she worked at a clinic in Chicago and then spent a month in London studying at the London School of Economics. While not studying, she can be found walking around Occom Pond with friends, grabbing coffee from Dirt Cowboy, or throwing pots in the ceramics studio.

Rachel Shatanof


Rachel is an ’18 from the Everglades (Weston, FL). She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Studio Art while on a Pre-Med track. Rachel plays varsity rugby, teaches second grade fitness and nutrition at Canaan Elementary, and is on the mock trial team. She is also involved at Hillel, Alpha Xi Delta, and is a Global Village resident. Not only is Rachel an identical twin, so is her mom!

Jeremy Washam


Jeremy is a '19 from outside of Philadelphia, PA. He is currently undecided, considering economics, computer science, and cognitive science. Outside of class, he can be found lifting weights, skiing, or playing the drums, and he is a member of the Dartmouth Consulting Group and writer for the Business Journal. He spends way too much of his free time watching, reading, and talking about Game of Thrones.

Alex Chan


Alex is a '19 from Knoxville, TN, majoring in Computer Science (but who knows, he might sell out and become and Econ major). On campus, he is involved with the Dandelion Project, and in his free time, he enjoys playing Frisbee and taking naps. In the third grade, he was knocked out of the first round in his school's spelling bee because he misspelled the word "failure."

Re McClendon


Re is a ’19 from Nashville, TN, majoring in Biology. He is the communications chair for the Minorities in Business Association and is involved with the Rockefeller Center programs on campus. He is also on the Pre-health track and is interested in taking on more research positions in the coming years. He can usually be found playing pool in Collis.

Last Updated: 8/29/16