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Orientation Team

The O-Team is excited to welcome you to Dartmouth! We'll be here throughout Pre-orientation and Orientation to help connect you with students, staff, faculty, and resources on campus. Through positive and diverse social programming, we hope to help you become part of the Dartmouth community. If you have any questions, please email us!

Meet the 2015 Orientation Team below:

Jake Donehey


Jake is a '17 from West Barnstable, MA. He is a Neuroscience major and intends to minor in Education (and possibly French). On-campus, Jake is the co-president of Active Minds, volunteers with ACE at the Upper Valley Humane Society, and is a research assistant to the Addiction and Heath Research Laboratory. In his free time, Jake enjoys his free time.

Joy Shen


Joy is a '17 from Chicago, IL, majoring in Economics. She is a member of X.ado (an a cappella group on campus), the Dartmouth Consulting Group, and Alpha Phi sorority. Joy is also active with the Dickey and Rockefeller Centers and currently serves as the co-chair of the Haven Cooking Program which prepares weekly dinners for a local homeless shelter. She can usually be found playing with other people's puppies and dreaming about going to culinary school.

Tiffany Wang


Tiffany is a ’16 from New York City. She is an Anthropology major and Chemistry minor on the Pre-Health track. Tiffany has been on Programming Board, one of Dartmouth’s student governing boards, since her freshmen year and is a Pre-Health mentor. When she was four, Tiffany cut off six inches of hair after watching Disney’s Mulan and then proceeded to hide the hair in a Ziploc bag and in her closet so her mother wouldn’t find out. Spoiler alert: Her mother found out and she had asymmetrical bangs for a few months.

Devika Dholakia


Devika Dholakia is a '17 from Chandler, AZ. She is majoring in Biology with a potential minor in Economics and/or Government. On campus, she is involved in Dartmouth EMS, Research, and is a mentor for the Women in Science Program. Green gummy bears are her favorite.

Dennise Hernandez


Dennise is a '17 from Queens, NY. She is a government major and public policy minor. Currently, she is Co-Director of the Dartmouth Coalition for Immigration Reform, Equality, and DREAMers, a writing tutor at RWIT, and a member of Sigma Delta sorority. In her free time, she enjoys baking anything but brownies, and fiddling with her fountain pens.

Katy Sprout


Katy is a '17 from Tolland, CT, majoring in Computer Science. She is a sprinter and hurdler on the varsity track and field team, an intern for Collis After Dark, and a member of Women in Computer Science and Chi-Delta sorority. Katy dreams of working on an innovative tech project that can help a lot of people and is a fan of dogs, ice cream, good coffee, and playing outdoors.

Ritika Abhyankar


Ritika is a ’17 is from Leawood, KS. She is a Geography modified with Environmental Studies major and is planning on minoring in Chemistry. In addition to being on the Pre-Health track, she is involved in various global health groups on campus. She is a tour guide and is also involved with the Dickey Center for International Understanding. In her free time, she likes to practice her mediocre beatboxing.

Adam Baillie


Adam is an '18 from Suffolk, UK majoring in Engineering Sciences. On campus he is a project leader with Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering, a member of the Programming Board and Winter Carnival Council. Adam enjoys ice-cold swims in Occom Pond during the Polar Plunge, and skiing.

Alex Vasques


Alex is an '18 from Alexandria, VA, majoring in Engineering modified with Economics and minoring in Chinese. On campus, she is involved with Relay for Life, and nearly anything within the Chinese Department. She once played in a tennis match against the president's daughter, Malia Obama.

Esteban Acevedo


Esteban is an ’18 majoring in Biology. At Dartmouth, he is involved with the Movement Against Violence, Quest Bridge, lives in the Global Village, and is a First Year mentor. As a child, the first thing he learned how to say was “you’ll fall,” because he was so rambunctious that his parents kept saying it.

Ashley Dotson


Ashley is an ’18 from Miami, FL. She is an Engineering major modified with Studio Art.  She plans to study Architecture after graduation. Ashley is an active member of the Black Underground Theater Association (BUTA) and Dartmouth’s Model United Nations. In her free time, Ashley is an avid sailor.

Rachel Shatanof


Rachel is an ’18 from the Everglades (Weston, FL). She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish while on the Pre-Med track. Rachel plays varsity rugby, researches in the Thayer School of Engineering ice lab, and is on the mock trial team. She is also involved at Hillel and is a Global Village resident. Not only is Rachel an identical twin, so is her mom!

Oscar Guerra


Oscar is an '18 from Miami, Florida. He is an Economics major and a Government minor. He is an attorney/witness on the Mock Trial Team and lives in the Global Village. Oscar once fell off a donkey while playing polo.

Perla Duenas


Perla is an '18 from Salt Lake City, UT who is still figuring out what she wants to major in (which is totally FINE!). She is going to minor in human-centered design though. At Dartmouth, she is involved in Habitat for Humanity, the Global Village Council, and La Alianza. At home, she loves going on hikes with her dog Teddy and she's a big fan of long naps.

Shashwat Kala


Shash is an ’18 from Waterford, CT. He is currently undecided but is considering an Environmental Studies major with a Spanish minor and is on the pre-med track. On campus, he is a tour guide and a member of the Hill Winds Society. You can usually find him taking a nap on the couches in the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

Sara Nirenberg


Sara is an '18 from West Bloomfield, MI, majoring in Women and Gender Studies & Geography. On campus, she is involved with Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color (DACC), Student Assembly Diversity & Community Affairs Committee, and bio-material research. Ever since she was a kid, she have dreamed of becoming a race car driver... and hasn't completely ditched the idea yet.

Nathan Lin


Nathan is an ’18 from Atlanta, GA, planning on majoring in Geography and minoring in Russian. His major involvements on campus are the Blunt Alumni Center where he works as an office assistant, and the Global Village, where he help plan events as a member of the Global Village Council. A fun fact about Nathan is that during his LSA in Russia, he threw up all over himself in the middle of the metro station.

Last Updated: 9/10/15