Access During New Student Orientation

One of the goals of New Student Orientation is to help incoming students as they transition to Dartmouth.We recognize that the needs of our students vary, and some may have different access needs. 

We strive to create presentations and programs that are inclusive to all and consider access needs across wide-ranging circumstances, such as mobility-access, sensory processing, visual and auditory processing, chronic health, and anxiety and attention, to name a few. We are aware that inclusive design is a constant work in progress.

If you have questions, would like to request a resource for Orientation, or have an access challenge that you don't see addressed here, we encourage you to reach out to New Student Orientation, and we will do our best to connect you with the appropriate resource. 

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works with students exploring whether they may have a disability and students with short-term disabilities. Services include advising and consultation, technological solutions, auxiliary services (e.g. amanuenses, sign language interpreters), academic adjustments (e.g. testing modifications, reduced course loads), and advocacy.

If you have not yet been in touch with SAS, you can reach out to them at Student.Accessibility.Services@Dartmouth.edu or at (603) 646-9900.

Accessible Entrances to New Student Orientation Events

As much as possible, we have arranged for our events to be held in spaces with accessible entrances and restrooms. A map with accessible entrances can be found here.

Due to construction on campus and other unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that the accessible entrances are blocked or not working. Please contact New Student Orientation with questions or concerns (603-646-1698).

We have encouraged academic departments and programs to hold Open Houses in spaces that are accessible. if you discover that you cannot attend an Open House due to access concerns, please contact New Student Orientation.

Travel Time and Transport

Please contact New Student Orientation if mobility access needs cause concern about traveling back and forth to programs. 

Designated Break Spaces During New Student Orientation

If you or a friend need a moment to step out of this program and take care of your physical or mental wellbeing, there will be a break room available in some venues. Please check with an O-Team member or an Access Dartmouth representative for help locating these resources!

Assistive Listening Devices and Transcripts

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are available at some venues. 

If you need an ALD or a transcript of a program, please contact New Student Orientation.

Alternative Format

All resources (presentations, handouts) can be made available in an alternative format upon request. Please contact New Student Orientation for more information.