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Welcome to Dartmouth!


Hello Class of 2019!

I think about you all very often, hoping that your first term at Dartmouth has been a successful one. Seems like only yesterday we were at the Twilight Ceremony! Time flies …

You recently received an invitation to take part in the First-Year Student Fall Survey.

Your participation in this survey is REALLY IMPORTANT – every voice and experience matters to us, as we evaluate Orientation, advising, and social issues on campus, and reflect on what it means to be a member of the Dartmouth community.  You have the opportunity to influence the experience of next year’s incoming students – please participate in the survey.  You should have an email from Office of Institutional Research with instructions on completing the survey.

As you head into your first set of finals at Dartmouth, I want to remind you to use all available resources for support, and know that we continue to be so very glad that you are here.

Wishing you all the best,


Greetings New Students!

Now that you have finished Orientation and attended your first few days of classes (and hopefully gotten some time to breathe in between), we know that many of you are working hard to find your way at Dartmouth. We hope Orientation provided you with helpful tools and perspectives for this process, but we also know that you may still have some questions or are looking for things to do and ways to meet even more new people (believe me, it’s still possible).

The first few weeks at College can be exciting and rewarding, but they can also be a little scary at times. The connections you make, relationships you build, and strategies for success you develop in these weeks will provide a foundation to build on for the next four years.

Over the next six weeks, please make sure to visit the First Six website; there you will find a collection of programs and events intended to help you continue to make Dartmouth your home and facilitate your ongoing transition here. And check the First Six calendar for updates– we can’t wait to see you at these events!

Remember: there are many people at Dartmouth dedicated to your success, and most are only a phone call or email away. UGAs, Undergraduate Deans, faculty, staff and upperclass students are all ready to assist you in any way they can and, as always, Student Life staff members are here to help in any way we can.

Thank you again for a wonderful Orientation period. Feel free to visit us in the Collis Center and make yourself at home here.

Until next time,


Eric Ramsey, Associate Dean for Student Life and Director of Orientation

Last Updated: 11/16/15