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Office of Pluralism and Leadership
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2014 International Undergraduate Orientation


Director of International Student Programs, Stephen Silver, would like to extend to you an official welcome to Dartmouth, and provide some essential information below.

Orientation for international undergraduates, including members of the Class of 2018, international transfer students, and international exchange students, begins on Wednesday afternoon, September 3rd, 2014, and ends on Monday, September 8th, 2014.  Orientation for all new undergraduates begins on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014. International students who choose to participate in DOC Trips should register in June.  They will receive their specific trip assignment & information by email in early July. International students assigned to trips prior to International Student Orientation will be arriving either August 28th or August 29th for DOC Trip "E" or "F" in order to return in time for International Student Orientation on Wednesday, September 3rd.

2014 International Undergraduate Student Arrival Information

International undergraduate students planning to participate in DOC Trip "E" or DOC Trip "F" may arrive as early as Thursday, August 28, or Friday, August 29, 2014.  If you are not planning on doing a DOC Trip, you may arrive as early as Tuesday, September 2nd, for International Student Orientation that begins on Wednesday, September 3rd. It is required that all new international undergraduates provide arrival details to the International Student Programs Office no later than Monday, August 18th, by completing this Undergraduate Arrival Information Form.

Arrival details must be previously provided by new students to the International Student Programs Office - OPAL in order for International Student Mentors to be on hand to:

  • Meet students arriving at Logan Airport (Boston, Massachusetts), on Thursday or Friday, August 28 or 29, 2014
  • Assist students arriving at Logan to locate the Dartmouth Coach bus service to Hanover, New Hampshire
  • Meet students arriving in Hanover at the Hanover Inn on August 28 through September 3rd
  • Assist students when they arrive in Hanover with their luggage, and escort them to their residence hall

Instructions for Obtaining Undergraduate Immigration Documentation

International students requiring a visa status to study in the U.S. will find the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) to be of critical importance in addressing concerns or questions related to your immigration status.

Orientation Schedule

Important Notes for International Undergraduates:

The program of orientation for new international undergraduates will begin at 3pm on Wednesday, September 3rd. International Logan "Meet and Greet" service is August 28th and 29th only, to coincide with DOC Trips "E" and "F" to which international students will be assigned. All students will receive information via email about DOC First-Year Trips in early June.  Specific trip assignments will be available in early July.  International students participating in DOC Trips will be assigned to trip dates that allow them to return to campus by the start of International Student Orientation on September 3rd. Exchange Students: International Student Programs (ISP) - OPAL (Office of Pluralism and Leadership) will send exchange students the same orientation information as matriculating students and provide them with access to the arrival forms and mentor request forms.  Exchange students will notify International Student Programs-OPAL when they plan to arrive, and whether they will be involved in the orientation.  ISP International Student Mentors will help international exchange students get settled well before they arrive at the Off-Campus Programs office orientation.

A copy of last year's International Student Orientation schedule follows to provide new international undergraduates with an idea of the potential programs that will be offered this year.  When this year's schedule is developed and finalized, it will be published on this website.


isp ug orientation schedule

Links to Important Information for International Students

The following are links to important information for international students who will be attending Dartmouth.  We hope these links will answer your most critical questions while you are still in your home country, and once you arrive at Dartmouth.  You will receive more detailed information after you arrive.  Feel free to write, e-mail, or fax us at International Student Programs-OPAL with any questions.  Once you are in Hanover, we can help you further with academic issues, personal and social adjustment, cultural opportunities, and programming information.

After Your Arrival

Additional Resources

International Student Mentors

The International Student Mentor program provides friendship and assistance to new international undergraduates during the fall and winter term of the first academic year.  To be assigned to a Mentor, students must fill out the request form.  To obtain an International Student Mentor request form, please click on the link above.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

International Friendship Family Program

The International Student Programs Office sponsors the International Friendship Family Program, which matches students with host families in the Upper Valley.  Friendship Families can be a valuable resource as students adjust to college life and American culture.  Visit the link above to learn more about the program and how to sign up for it by submitting the request form available on the link.

We look forward to meeting you in late August!

Last Updated: 4/21/14