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International Student Programs

If you need information that is not currently available on our website, please contact Assistant Dean and Advisor to International Students, Danielle Hussey at (603) 646-2331.

Orientation Programs

Many of Dartmouth's programs and schools offer orientation programs for international students and scholars. By clicking on the link above you can learn more about the international undergraduate student orientation program (ISO), and international graduate student orientation.

International Issues Personal Perspectives (I2P2)

I2P2s are informal, informative programs conducted by Dartmouth international students and/or scholars. These programs can cover cultural, social, and political issues in home countries or regions of the world.  Some of the many presenters' panels have focused on the effects of elections in Turkey, Ghana, and Brazil; social and political concerns in Russia, Ukrainian political unrest, an overview of the politics of the Middle East, a look at Australia, and the history and culture of Vietnam. 

International Friendship Family Program

This program gives new international undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to become acquainted with U.S. families in the Upper Valley. "Friendship Families" volunteer to  help students adjust to college life and serve as a "window on American culture."  Students get to know their host families through occasional visits to their host families' homes and by spending time with them on special occasions and outings.  Friendship Families also benefit from the opportunity to learn about another culture, and another part of the world beyond the Upper Valley.  Students can choose to be matched with a host family by completing a request form available at the link above.

International Student Mentor Program

The International Student Programs office sponsors an International Student Mentor program (ISM) to help new undergraduate international students overcome difficulties during their first academic year.  International students who sign up for this program will be assigned a mentor who will help him/her with questions, concerns, and problems.  Mentors will contact their proteges over the summer to answer any initial questions, and to facilitate our new international students' arrival in Hanover.  Upper-class student mentors help new international students discover Dartmouth resources and opportunities.  Mentors also offer advice on a range of topics from courses to take to sharing their experiences with culture shock and roommates; or mentors can simply be there to share friendship.  For more information or to sign up for a mentor, please contact the International Student Programs office at 603-646-2331.

"The Dartmouth International" Magazine/Newsletter

"The Dartmouth International" is a magazine/newsletter published by an independent student organization with the same title. When this student organization is active, "The Dartmouth International" publishes a lot of good information and many articles of interest to international students, scholars, faculty, and Dartmouth alumni abroad, as well as the greater Dartmouth community. The archive is here.

Global Village Living Learning Community

Dartmouth's Global Village is a residential community offering an interdisciplinary, integrated learning experience that holistically equips students to thrive as ethical, engaged, and responsible world citizens and scholars. Living and learning together, residents of the Global Village aim to expand their worldview, hone their intercultural skills, and build relationships within a multicultural, multinational, and multidisciplinary community. Students have the opportunity to make the Global Village their home throughout their undergraduate career, enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities it affords to explore complex international issues and engage in off-campus experiences, language and cultural exchange, interaction with faculty and staff, and focused reflection.

English Conversation Group

The International Student Programs office sponsors an informal group of international students, scholars, and their families who meet once or twice each week to improve their spoken English. An instructor offers encouragement and informal instruction in a supportive and friendly environment. If you would like more information about the English Conversation Group, including meeting location and time, please contact the Assistant Dean and Advisor to International Students, Danielle Hussey, at 603 646-2331.

International Student Association

The Dartmouth International Students' Association (ISA) is a large campus association that officially represents the diverse international student body of Dartmouth (both current and graduated students). We serve Dartmouth's international students and American students by organizing campus-wide programming that promotes the sense of international/intercultural understanding & global networking.

Other Programming and Support

The Assistant Dean and Advisor to International Student Programs is currently the advisor for the International Student Association and provides support as needed. Whenever possible, OPAL supports events on campus, including those organized by student groups or individuals. 



Last Updated: 8/5/16