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Native American Program

6037 Robinson Hall, Room 206
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-2110
Fax: 603-646-9168
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Native American House

35 N. Main St. | Hanover NH 

 Outside look of the Native American House

The Native American House (NAH) is a living and learning residence and cultural center dedicated to the exploration and expression of the traditional and contemporary aspects of Native American intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual life. It is a gathering place for all members of the Dartmouth family in balance, harmony, fellowship, healing, knowledge and strength. As a cultural center, all who participate in its activities will enhance their understanding of various aspects of Native American life and cultures and the greater Dartmouth community.

The Native American House provides cultural, social and educational enrichment for Native and other Dartmouth students. The house includes accommodations for a resident graduate student or faculty member who is usually the College's Eastman Fellow. The Native American House is sponsored by the Native American Program Office.


  • NAH residents agree to participate in at least two of the Program Elements listed in the NAH Program Description and attend at least two of the special events programs for NAH residents each term. Contact the Native American Program for more information.
  • The NAH is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free space (except for ceremonial use). The NAH Residents agree to maintain this substance-free space through their own behavior and the behavior of their guests. NAH Residents will appropriately inform their guests and any other visitors to the NAH of the substance-free policy as well as remind fellow residents and/or their guests whenever necessary to maintain the integrity of the substance-free space.
  • The NAH Residents agree to maintain the cultural and social integrity of the NAH through their respectful behavior toward fellow residents and through appropriately respectful and welcoming behavior toward anyone who enters the NAH.
  • The NAH Residents agree to take reasonable steps to inform themselves of culturally appropriate behaviors applicable to the NAH as well as appropriate strategies for dealing with any inappropriate behaviors encountered in the NAH. The Native American Program can assist in these processes.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above conditions for living in the NAH may result in actions up to and including termination of the contract to live in the NAH.

Floor Plans

First Floor

Second Floor 

Third Floor


Interested in living at the Native American House?  Click here for more information.

Last Updated: 4/28/15