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Foreign Study Program, Beijing, China 2013
Professor Kui Dong, Director

National Theater, Beijing, China Great Wall Peking Opera
National Theater, Beijing, China
(2 concert halls, 1 opera house and 1 theater;
total of 6000 seats within the complex)
Great Wall
Peking Opera (Beijing Local Opera)

Links for students:

* Course Descriptions: Music 70, Music 73 & Music 87
* Music 73 Syllabus (word document)
* FSP schedule (excel document)
* Beijing 2013 FSP Photos

Please check the website for the Central Conservatory of Music and the Campus Scenery.

THE CONCEPT – a project based FSP program that offers intensive Music study and culture exploration of modern China within the context of globalization. All courses will be taught in English.

Enrollment: open to all Dartmouth students who have strong interest in exploring culture through music (both Western and Asian), as well as art, film, science etc.

Location: Central Beijing, China, campus of Central Conservatory of Music

Prerequisites: Music 1 (Basic Theory) Exemption can be granted by the director after interview.

Recommended courses: Music 20

Structure: Three courses, one field trip, and one week break over a10-week term

Term calendar: March 26- June 5, 2013 for Spring-term

Beijing                     Week 1-4                      Classes/event regularly held
Field trip I  3-day trip ShangHai, HangZhou and surrounding ancient towns
Beijing Week 5-8 Classes /event regularly held
Final presentation Week 9 Classes held daily
Break trip Week 10  

*Alternative trip: Dun Huang Cave, Xi-An, Ancient Capital of Tang dynasty

Beijing Nightlife Temple of Haven Zhou Zhang
Beijing Nightlife Temple of Haven
Zhou Zhang
The Ancient Water Town ("Venice of the East")

Three courses
1) Music 70 Perspectives: Music Performance: FSP Director's seminar that aims for group discussion on Internationalism in Music composition and issues such as principles of performance practice, composition/creative process, esthetics, history and theory in the context of globalization. We will be attending performances at national theatre complex and other prominent music and art venues in Beijing. The new national theatre complex attracts top performing organizations from the world, such as New York Philharmonics, Vienna Philharmonics, Munich opera house etc. as well as well-known chamber ensembles and soloists around the globe. Students will be attending approximately 32- 35 performances over 9 weeks.

Today's music world is full of fascinating and compelling repertoires in western classical and contemporary music and non-classical music genres. The significant changes have been the non-western music tradition, cross-over in genres, multi-art disciplines becoming more visible due to globalization and technology. In this course, representative works not only from Baroque music to the present, but also jazz, folk music around the world would be discussed. One component was added to this year: Exhibitions of Modern Arts, will be programmed as paring events to modern music.

Sample Events in conjunction with course (1, 2 and 3)

Concerts, operas and ballets at National Theatre, Concert/theatre/exhibition/film events at the International Modern Music festival in May, festivals of MusicAcoustica, jazz and folk music the film and art festival/exhibition regularly held at the grant national theatre, Beijing Art Museum, "Beijing Soho Route 978"

Faculty: Professor Kui Dong and Guest Professor(s) from Central Conservatory

2) Music 87 Independent Study: A project oriented independent study, based on student's field of interest. The project will be presented in conjunction with course (M70) at the end of the term.

Faculty: a) Instrumental/vocal/composition (including electronic)/musicology Professors from the conservatory, and b) Professors from Art Academy and film Academy based on student interest on multi-disciplinary studies with Music component.

Students are expected to produce recital for performance and composition; or research paper on musicology. Other project possibilities include film and music, video and music, dance and music, sound installation. Students with interest other than disciplines in art can produce research paper /project on their own topic with a music/culture component.

3) Music 73 Asia Music: A survey course of music and music making whose origins are in the non-European world. A study of music in its social, history and cultural context with a focus on Chinese and other Asia countries (choice of the instruction) Course work will include listening, reading and critical writing assignments. Where possible, visiting musicians will be invited to demonstrate and discuss the music under consideration. Students are expected to produce a term paper

Faculty: Professor Zhang, Musicology Department of Central Conservatory of Music

Schedules: Music 70 and 73 meets twice weekly for the total of 9 weeks, each meeting last 2 hours with a break of 10 minutes in the middle. Music 87 meets once a week for the total of 9 weeks; each meeting last 50 minutes-1 hour

Informal language tutoring: first week of the FSP,

One Field Trip-Excursion: Modern Media/Music in China – Shang Hai and HangZhou 3-days (Alternative trip : XiAn Old city-Dun Huang Cave)


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