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The Montgomery Endowment
Office of the Provost
6004 Parkhurst Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, N.H. 03655
(603) 646-4062
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Procedures for Nominating Montgomery Fellows

The College encourages members of the Dartmouth community to nominate distinguished individuals to become Montgomery Fellows. Such individuals should possess the following qualities:

  • An outstanding reputation in their field of endeavor.
  • A genuine enthusiasm for interacting with students.
  • A willingness and ability to participate in a public appearance (be it a lecture, reading, performance, or exhibit).

Letters of nomination should be addressed to the Executive Director of the Montgomery Endowment, in care of the Provost's Office (6004) and include a description of why the nominee would be an ideal Montgomery Fellow: biographical information or a curriculum vita; and endorsements from at least two Dartmouth departments. Recommendations as to specific courses and student groups with which the nominee would interact are most welcome also.

The Montgomery Endowment Steering Committee meets twice yearly, usually in October and May, to review nominations, to create programming plans for future academic terms, and to finalize specific invitations. As many programs are set up as long as two-years in advance, nominators should be aware that there is usually a predictably long lead-time between a Fellow's nomination and any possible residency.

Nomination deadlines are as follows: March 1st for the May meeting; and October 1st for the October meeting. Occasionally, an approved Fellow can be scheduled for a Dartmouth residency on somewhat shorter notice.

If approved, a nominee will be added to a Roster from which the Executive Director of the Montgomery Endowment is authorized to extend an invitation when appropriate for a series or a singular visit. Extension of an invitation is not an automatic response once a nominee has been approved for inclusion on the Roster. While the Steering Committee may approve Fellows visiting for shorter periods, it has generally expressed a preference for extending invitations to nominated Fellows to stay for longer periods, ideally for a full term during which a college course should be a significant part. A Fellow's visit for the 10-week academic term would most likely preclude another resident for that same term.

Generally speaking, the Endowment encourages the presence on Campus through the Montgomery Fellows Program of individuals who are not always/traditionally associated with the Academic Life, but whose contributions to the world of ideas, learning and the social fabric have been notable and recognized. provides a more complete description of the Program's ambitions and successes.

Last Updated: 9/16/09