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Bertrand Tavernier

TavernierMarch - April 1996

Bertrand Tavernier is regarded as the finest French director of the post-New Wave generation. He abandoned law school to write film criticism for a number of French publications, including the influential Cahiers du Cinema. During the 1960's in addition to writing criticism, he worked as a film publicist, made a handful of short films and collaborated on a number of scripts. Since his debut feature, The Clockmaker, in 1974, he has directed nearly 20 films. His most famous works include The Judge & The Assassin (1976), Coup de Torchon (Clean Slate, 1981) and A Sunday in the Country (1984). His 1986 film 'Round Midnight features a legendary performance by the late Dexter Gordon and received and Academy Award for Herbie Hancock's extraordinary jazz score.

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