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Geoffrey Hartman

May 1994

Geoffrey Hartman is an expert on rhetoric, literary theory and holocaust history. A proponent of post-structuralist and deconstructive critical practice, Hartman is known for his books and essays on romanticism, literary interpretation and theory, philosophy and psychoanalysis. In recent years he has turned his attention to the Holocaust; in particular, Holocaust remembrance. He is a co-founder and faculty advisor to the Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale; has served on the board of the Holocaust Survivors Film Project, Inc.; has been a special advisor to the chairman and has served on the education committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council; has served on the advisory board of the ADL International Center for Holocaust Studies; and served as chairman of Connecticut's state ceremonies for the 1987 Holocaust Remembrance. He serves as co-chair of the Holocaust Education and Prejudice Reduction Program in the New Haven school system.

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