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Robby Barnett

PilobolusApril 2007

Robby Barnett is an artistic director of Pilobolus, the Dartmouth-founded dance company. He was born and raised in the Adirondacks and was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1972. In addition to his work with Pilobolus, he has been variously employed as a technical metal worker, an instructor for Outward Bound, Inc., a garden and landscape designer, and has taught skiing and high school art.

Pilobolus is recognized as a major American dance company of international acclaim. Founded by three students in a dance class at Dartmouth in 1971, the dance group uses a unique weight-sharing approach to partnering, what Robby Barnett, one of the three artistic directors, called “four men twisted together like proteins.” The company remains a deeply collaborative effort with an executive director, three artistic directors and seven dancers contributing to one of the most popular and varied repertoires in the field.

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