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Enrollment Options

Students generally choose one of the following options in enrolling in the M.A.L.S. Program.

Summers Only:

Many students, teachers in particular, enroll in the program only during the summer. They usually take two courses plus the symposium/seminar. Interdisciplinary M.A.L.S. courses are offered each term although there are more options available during the summer. The symposia/seminars are only offered in the summer term.

Year-Round Part-Time:

Many local people, often with jobs or other major commitments, elect to take courses year-round on a part-time basis. This usually involves one course plus the symposium/seminar during the summer and one course during other terms. In the fall, winter, and spring terms, there is at least one interdisciplinary or graduate course offered in the late afternoon or evening.

Year-Round Full-Time:

Other students choose to spend a year or more in residence at Dartmouth. These students generally start in the summer, the beginning of our academic year, and complete their course requirements and thesis at the end of the second summer.

Last Updated: 4/23/09