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The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Dartmouth College
6240 Haldeman Center, Room 263
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel. 603-646-0896
Fax. 603-646-0998

The Long Nineteenth Century

This workshop brings together faculty whose expertise and interests fall into the long nineteenth century, regardless of geographical area of specialization. The interdisciplinary group will provide opportunities to examine current field-defining and field-defying paradigms. The group is open to tenure and tenure-track faculty, will convene twice per quarter, and discuss members' work-in-progress as well as scholarship currently emerging in the wider discipline(s).

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday October 15, 2013: Inaugural meeting to plan out sessions for the coming academic year.  Special Guest: Jonathan Sperber.
Tuesday November 12, 2013: Suzanne Marchand, "Embarrassed by the Nineteenth Century"
Tuesday January 14, 2014:
Tuesday February 11, 2014: Darcy Grigsby, "Cursed Mimicry: France and Haiti Again 1848-1851."
Tuesday April 8, 2014: Peggy Darrow, "The Life and Death of the Femme-Soldat."
Tuesday May 13, 2014: Professor Laura Kalba (Smith College). Booking essential. Lunch and Reading provided. Haldeman 246 12:00 - 1:30 pm                                                                                     Register:


Facilitators: Colleen G. Boggs, Robert Bonner and Katherine Hornstein.


Last Updated: 4/18/14