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Humanities News

September 23

Faculty Lunches Begin


September 27-November 8 (Tuesday Mornings)

Breakfast with the Arts


October 4

Umesh Acharya


October 5

Persepolis: A film based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel


October 6

A Conversation with Marjane Satrapi


October 9

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero (2015) will be screened by the Dartmouth Film Society


October 20

Marlon James


 January 24-25

Miranda July


 April 17

Jonathan Franzen


 May 3

Naomi Shahib Rye   


Fall 2016 Newsletter



The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Dartmouth College
6240 Haldeman Center, Room 263
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel. 603-646-0896
Fax. 603-646-0998

Project Grants

The Leslie Center sponsors humanities and interdisciplinary projects proposed by members of the full-time Dartmouth faculty. The projects are intended to enhance the opportunities in, and the visibility of, the humanities and interdisciplinary studies at Dartmouth. The Leslie Center Advisory Committee looks for imaginative undertakings that offer stimulating ways for Dartmouth faculty members to engage in humanities and interdisciplinary research. Applicants are encouraged to regard the term "interdisciplinary" as including not only the Humanities, but also the Social Sciences and Sciences. Individuals brought in from outside Dartmouth need not be senior scholars; projects may include graduate students, junior faculty from other campuses, and those without any institutional affiliation (independent scholars and artists).

Application Details:


Applications for the following academic year are due November 1 and May 1.  Electronic applications are accepted and should be submitted to the Leslie Center Administrator.


Project Application

• 2 page statement of rationales and objectives

• budget

• schedule of planned activities, proposed speakers/participants

• the names of at least some of the faculty members who would take part in the project

Statement details:

Statements should describe how the Project will meet one or more of the following goals:

• To involve a variety of Dartmouth faculty in exchange with each other and/or with colleagues from other universities, around areas of common scholarly interest directly pertinent to their research and/or creative activities.

• To offer public presentations of interest to the Dartmouth Community

• To promote research and intellectual production in the humanities, broadly defined, on emergent topics, new fields, theoretical advances, disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary trends.

• To involve its participants in a process at the end of which emerges a collaborative "product" such as a performance, an exhibition, an interdisciplinary course, a collection of scholarly essays, the formation of a long-term interest or research group (to mention just a few of the possible outcomes).


We consider proposals with budgets ranging from several thousand dollars up to $15,000 unless very unusual circumstances warrant a larger award. We may be able to fund more than one Project in a given year, depending on the costs of each and the availability of resources. Funding not used during this fiscal year of the project's realization reverts to the Center's budget.

Selection criteria:

Projects are selected on merit, but criteria of selection may also include: degree of innovativeness; availability of co-sponsorship from other campus or off-campus sources; the involvement of faculty with demonstrated, continuing interest or expertise in a particular domain; promise of continuing impact on the research or pedagogic undertakings of the college; potential for student involvement; breadth of interdisciplinary scope. Preference is generally be given to applicants who have not recently received substantial Leslie Center funding and/or have not already received Center funding for similar projects. The Advisory Committee screens all proposals and may offer comments or suggest revisions to some proposals that it regards as potentially viable.

The committee recognizes that certain activities (for example those involving an exhibition or performance) may require a longer lead time. If you have a proposal that would fall into this category, please consult the Director of the Leslie Center.

There is no fixed length for the Leslie Center Projects; one might involve two or three weeks of intense activity, another might consist of weekly or biweekly sessions over the course of a term. Conferences and/or seminars may qualify as Projects; so may performances or exhibitions, preferably linked to public discussions.



For a list of the past Leslie Center projects, please consult our Archive.

Last Updated: 2/16/15