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Jewish Studies Program
6220 Reed Hall, Room 201
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Telephone: (603) 646-0475

Program Chair
Ehud Benor
316 Thornton Hall
Telephone: (603) 646-1313


Thérèse Perin-Deville



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The Jewish Studies Program at Dartmouth

has a long and distinguished tradition. Although faculty positions in the field are relatively new at most American universities, Dartmouth established professorships starting in the 1960s. Some of the outstanding scholars in the field have taught here, including Jacob Neusner, Steven Katz, and Arthur Hertzberg. During the 1980s programs in the Hebrew language and literature were added, as well as an endowment for an annual visiting professorship.


  Jewish American Literature History and Culture of the Jews II Jews and Hollywood


Check out these courses for Spring 2015!

JWST 25.02 Spring 2015

Hila Blum

Syllabus: On Editing Fiction (PDF)


Nadav Samin


Klaus Milich



Leo Baeck Summer University 2015 in Berlin, Germany accepting general applications for Summer 2015

The extended deadline is March 31, 2015, We will accept applicants on a rolling basis, beginning mid-December 2014.

For more information please go to the following link:

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