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Pulse Checks: During and After a Change

Pulse checks are a way of "checking in" with people who may be affected by a significant institutional change to learn their perceptions about the change. This tool contains two pulse check interview protocols and two sets of survey items that can be used during or after a change.

It can be beneficial to conduct pulse checks when the institution is undergoing a significant change in structure, policies, systems, work flow, culture, or strategy.

Two types of pulse checks that may be beneficial are:

□ An "early" pulse check: when a change has been announced (to capture early impressions); and

□ A "post-change" pulse check: after people have experienced the change for a period of time (to learn how well the change is working).

Review and modify the interview guide to reflect the specific post-budget reduction changes in question. Conduct interviews with people who are affected by the change to gather their perceptions and suggestions.


Last Updated: 5/13/09