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Dartmouth College Hiring Salary Structure

All administrative, support, and non-union service positions at Dartmouth College are classified into six broad categories. These categories are further divided into 15 sub-categories, each representing a grade and salary range.

  • Ordinarily an appropriate starting salary is established between the minimum and midpoint of a salary range. In making individual pay decisions, the goal is to ensure that an employee's pay is competitive given their contribution, or potential contribution to Dartmouth. Several factors are considered, such as directly related experience, skills, market competitiveness, etc.

Dartmouth College Hiring Salary Structure Chart

Hiring Salary Structure Chart
This chart (pdf) provides the minimum, midpoint, and maximum salaries for General Support (GS A) through Program/Departmental Leadership (PDL C). Salaries for positions higher than PDL C are negotiable.

Union employees under the SEIU contract have a different salary structure than listed above.  Please click here to view the SEIU salary structure.


Last Updated: 2/10/14