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Career Planning

Helpful tips and articles on how to manage your career. This section includes industry, career and employment information.

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The following books are available in the Baker-Berry Library or as an eBook accessible via the Dartmouth Library Web site.  This may require off-campus access, and you must be a member of the Dartmouth College Community.  The books may also be available at your local library. 

  • So What Are You Going to Do With That? Finding Careers Outside of Academia, by Susan Basalla
  • What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers, by Richard N. Bolles, 2010 edition 
  • Can You Start Tomorrow? Finding Jobs in Today‚Äôs Tough Market, by John Madden, 2003 (eBook)
  • Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times are Tough, by Duncan Mathison, 2010 (eBook)
  • The Age Advantage: Making the Most of your Midlife Career Transition, by Jean Erickson Walker, 2000 (eBook)

Last Updated: 12/17/09