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Financial Fitness Programs

Financial Fitness Six-Week Evening Course

Where do you want your finances to be in six months? One year? Five years?

This six-week course meets once a week, designed to assist individuals developing lifelong financial management skills. Specific areas of focus include: financial goal setting, expense tracking, understanding and building credit, automobile purchase advice, creative saving techniques, debt management, food budget maintenance, insurance negotiation skills, and aligning spending with personal goals. Participation in all six classes is encouraged, for the greatest benefit. Spouses and Partners welcome!

Audience: All faculty and staff

Dates and Times: 
Wednesday     September 1     6:00pm-8:00pm 
Wednesday     September 8     6:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday     September 15   6:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday     September 22   6:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday     September 29   6:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday     October 6         6:00-8:00pm

Monday           November 1     6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday           November 8     6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday           November 15   6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday           November 22   6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday           November 29   6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday           December 6     6:00-8:00pm

Location: HR Training Room, 7 Lebanon Street
Instructor: Sherry Maher, Financial Fitness Coordinator, Bonnie CLAC
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Financial Fitness Brown Bag Lunch Series

Don't have time for the full six-week Financial Fitness evening series? Join us for the lunchtime condensed sessions! Click here to register.

Car Care & Purchasing

For many people, a car is the most expensive asset they will ever own other than a home, and yet, few people know even the basics of how to take care of their car. This workshop will take participants through the fundamentals of car care and purchasing. The topics will include:

  • Basics of car care—what you need to know about your car and how to care for it; and
  • The process of buying a car—the dealers and you.

September 15, 12-1pm
Location HR Training Room, 7 Lebanon Street
Audience: All faculty and staff

Saving and Spending During the Holidays

One of the most significant sources of stress during the month of December may be the financial stress added by the expectations we place on ourselves, or others place on us to spend money. That spending may be focused on gifts, food, or entertaining. This workshop is designed to help the participants to recognize the stressors related to holiday spending and develop strategies for coping through the use of tips and tools, planning, and budgeting. Specific topics will include:

  • Intentional spending (making good choices);
  • Staying on your savings plan (how not to get derailed);
  • Budgeting (setting realistic plans and making your money stretch); and
  • Tips and tricks for stretching your dollars (entertaining and gifting on a budget).

December 8, 12-1pm
Location HR Training Room, 7 Lebanon Street
Audience: All faculty and staff

Last Updated: 6/8/10