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Dartmouth College offers two types of Flexible Spending Accounts to Dartflex and SEI Union employees. Research Associate B's and Research Fellows are not eligible to participate in the Flexible Spending Account Benefits.

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A Medical Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to be reimbursed for medical expenses for yourself or any eligible IRS dependents. These contributions are taken from your paycheck pre-tax.  Withdrawals from the account are tax-free as long as they are used for eligible medical expenses.


A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a pre-tax payroll deduction which allows you to be reimbursed for eligible expenses (tax-free) for the care of one or more qualifying IRS dependents that enables you (and a spouse, if applicable) to work or look for work.  Qualifying dependents may be defined as children under the age of 13 and your spouse, or a qualifying child or relative who is physically or mentally incapable of self care. Click here for a video presentation outlining Flexible Spending Accounts.

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•  Click here for a list of Crosby Benefit's Medical Care FSA eligible expenses

•  Over-the-counter medications require a doctor's note or prescription providing reasons for medical necessity. 

•  Typical expenses reimbursed from a Dependent Care Flexible Spending account are daycare, day camps, or nursing care for an incapacitated or handicapped dependent.  You should contact Crosby Benefit Systems if you have questions on whether a specific expense would be reimbursable from your Dependent Care FSA.

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•  You must elect the amount you wish to contribute to your Medical Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts each year during Open Enrollment.

•  Your total account balance will include your employer contribution (if applicable).

•  New Hires and Newly Eligible employees annual elected amounts will be spread out evenly over the remaining calendar year pay periods.

•  Restrictions:

–  The IRS restricts the participation in a Medical Flex Spending Account and a Health Savings Account at the same time.  You may not participate in a Medical FSA if you are enrolled or are the dependent of someone enrolled in a Health Savings Account.

–  Parents cannot submit expenses for child(ren) that they do not claim on their income tax returns. 

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Changes to your contributions may only be made in the event that you have a qualifying mid-year event, but may not elect an amount less than what they have already contributed year to date.  For more information on making mid-year changes, please refer to the Status Change Form.

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•  Contribution limits to your FSA are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

•  Medical Care Flexible Spending Account limit - $2,500 per employee per year.  However, an employee employed by two or more employers that are not members of the same controlled group may elect up to $2,500 under each employer's health FSA.

•  Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account limit - $5,000 per household per year.

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•  The following employees receive up to a $250 contribution from Dartmouth to the Medical Care Flexible Spending Account:

–  Non-exempt staff

–  Exempt employees making $60,000 or less in salary

•  Contributions for part-time or new employees are pro-rated based on full-time equivalent (FTE) and/or hire date.

•  You are not required to elect a contribution to the Medical Care FSA in order to receive your employer contribution.

•  Exceptions:

– There are no employer contributions made to employees on the "Standard" plan (i.e. Research Associate B's and Research Fellows).

– There are no employer contributions made to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

– There are no employer contributions made to employees participating in a Health Savings Account (HSA), or are the dependent of someone participating in an HSA plan.

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You may request reimbursement via the following methods:

1. Forms which may be submitted via mail or fax to Crosby Benefit Systems, Inc.:

•  Medical Care Reimbursement Request Form

•  Dependent Care Reimbursement Request Form

2. Use MyCrosbyBenefits to submit your claims online. (Registration and log in is required.)

3. A debit card is available for the Medical Care FSA only.  More information is available here.  If you have not received a debit card, have lost your debit card, or are having difficulties using your debit card, you should contact Crosby Benefits to request a new one.

All claims must be accompanied by a detailed receipt documenting the transaction to be processed.  Incomplete applications may result in delayed reimbursement.

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Reimbursement of your entire election from your Medical Care FSA is available to you beginning the first of the year following your Open Enrollment election or beginning your date of hire.

Reimbursement from the Dependent Care FSA will only be for the balance of the contributions you have made as of the date of your claim processing.

Both accounts offer a grace period which allows you to incur and submit for reimbursement of expenses into the next calendar year.  You may incur expenses until March 15, but must submit for reimbursement no later than March 31.  Funds that are not submitted by March 31 will be forfeited ("use it or lose it").  These deadlines are IRS regulated and subject to change based on IRS guidelines.

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When visiting other websites or speaking to other resources, these accounts may go by alternate names:

•  Medical Care FSA may also be referred to as Medical Care Reimbursement Account (MCRA) or Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA).

•  Dependent Care FSA may also be referred to as a Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA).

•  FSA may also be referred to as a Flexible Spending Arrangement.

Additional information on FSAs is available from the IRS website in Publication 969.

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When you have questions regarding a lost debit card, status of a reimbursement, or the balance of your account, you should contact Crosby Benefit Systems, Inc.

Phone: 800-462-2235
Fax: 617-928-0001


For questions and concerns about changing your election or any difficulties with Crosby Benefits, you should contact the Benefits Office.

Phone: (603) 646-3588
Fax: (604) 646-1108
Mailing Address:
   Office of Human Resources Office 6042,
   7 Lebanon Street, Suite 203,
   Hanover, NH 03755

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Last Updated: 9/16/14