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Artist Exhibitions 2006

Click on the artist's name to view samples of their work.


Sandy Adams: Photographic art
Director, DMS/DHMC Development & Alumni Communications

Ifi Amadiume: Poetry
Professor, Religion & African and African American Studies

Natasha Brown: Acrylic painting, pencil
Senior Programmer/Analyst  I, Administrative Computing

James Burger: Film paintings & treatments, chyronetic poetry, assorted musical instruments
Communications Manager, Office of Human Resources

Merle Ann Burroughs: Quilted wall hanging
Administrative Assistant (Temporary),Upperclass Deans’ Office & DCAD Administration

Paul Courtney: Photography
Project Director, Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Kelly Cusick: Jewelry
Assistant to the Director, Tuck Development & Alumni Services

Deborah Delmore: Fabric Wall Hanging
Administrative Assistant II, English

Kathleen Hayes: Beaded jewelry
Assistant to the Associate VP, Individual Giving

Melvin Herbert
Classical guitar

Chris Ivanyi

Ellen Kanner: Metalsmithing, beading
Web Producer/Designer, Web Publishing Services

Jenn Kocsmiersky: Watercolor, charcoal, collage
Digital Media Assistant, Library - Jones Media Center

Amy T. Lancaster: Photography
Administrative Assistant II, Biological Sciences

Owen McDowell: Aquatint
Library Services Assistant II, Biomedical Libraries

Darleen Mimnaugh: Photography
Project Coordinator III, Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences

Giavanna Munafo: Poetry
Associate Director for Training & Educational Programs, OIDE
Adjunct Assistant Professor, English

Bob Oxman: Pencil and ink
Night Security Guard, Hood Museum of Art

Kathy Parsonnet: Hand-painted Fraglets™ on acrylic
Artist-in-Residence, DHMC

Jane Piotrowski: Jewelry
Financial Administrator, Psychiatry

Leah Prescott: Poetry
Coordinator, Sexual Assault/Awareness Program

Charly Rauscher: Photography
Associate Director of Operations, Tuck Development & Alumni Services

Karen DeWolf Ricard: Beads on Glass
Assistant Fiscal Officer, DMS Fiscal Office

Priyantha Sri Vijayasri: Oil painting
Senior Strategic Analyst, DMS/ DHMC Development

Nathan Webb: Ceramics
Assistant Instructor (Temporary), Hopkins Center

David Wheel: Guitar, photography
Human Resources Consultant, Office of Human Resources

Kelly A. White: Photography
PFS Insurance Verifier, Psychiatry

Lora Wise: Jewelry
Executive Assistant, Finance and Administration



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