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Take Care of This Place

Dartmouth on Purpose (DOP) Student Organization

DOP is a student org that aims to help every individual in our community thrive through promoting and supporting self-reflection, mindful action, and self-care. DOP seeks to create a space, community, and culture that supports doing things “on Purpose,” en route to the success each individual seeks, because ‘success’ does not mean the same thing to everybody.

Movement Against Violence (MAV)

MAV is a student run organization that seeks to educate peers on sexual violence prevention at Dartmouth by facilitating discussions that challenge certain accepted norms on our campus.

Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI): Leadership Training

DBI provides a chance for students to express their core values, take proactive steps to create a safe community, recognize potentially harmful situations, identify obstacles/barriers to intervention, and develop steps to intervene when witnessing a harmful situation.

Last Updated: 1/25/17